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Paslode delivers a broad range of performance-proven, high quality fastening solutions.

Partner Since2018
MarketplacesAmazon U.S.
Seller CategoryHome Improvement

Key Challenges

Before Paslode partnered with Pattern in 2018, numerous unauthorized sellers were flooding Amazon and disrupting prices. These unauthorized sellers were making it difficult for Paslode to continue growing their ecommerce business.

No Control
  • Unauthorized sellers were flooding the market.
  • Disrupted prices due to unauthorized sellers.
Slow Growth
  • Limited bandwidth dedicated to ecommerce growth
  • Disrupted prices slowed the ability to grow

Our Approach

Paslode partnered with Pattern to gain back control of their ecommerce presence and grow their online business. Together, Paslode and Pattern built a strategy focused on growing Paslode's ecommerce presence. Pattern's in-house creative team updated Paslode's creative content to increase conversions. We also worked with Paslode to identify unauthorized sellers who were threatening Paslode’s control on Amazon and disrupting their prices. Finally, Pattern took over Paslode’s product distribution on Amazon to foster continued growth.


Due to a combination of eliminating unauthorized sellers and executing new creative content, Paslode was able to gain back control of their ecommerce presence and increase revenue.

Brand Control
  • Paslode increased their Buy Box ownership from 39% to 90% in just one quarter.
Revenue Growth
  • Year over year revenue increased by 122%.
  • Top 10 products have averaged 241% year over year revenue growth.
High Product Ratings
  • Average product rating is a 4.5/5 on Amazon.
Improved Customer Experience
  • Items kept in stock coupled with high quality customer service.



Buy Box Ownership Increased

39% to 90%

Average Product Review Rating


Top 10 Products' Average YOY Revenue Growth