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European Ecommerce Marketplaces 101

Curious about ecommerce opportunities available in European marketplaces? If you’re looking ahead to international expansion, there’s never been a better time to do so. Consumers, especially those most likely to buy online, have more exposure now than ever before to products around the world. Brands that are taking advantage of an increasingly connected global consumer base are those that will stay ahead of the curve and win over competing brands in the long run. The GMV for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) regions was over $500 billion at the end of 2022—there’s so much growth in Europe waiting for brands looking to expand.


Pattern is an ecommerce accelerator for brands selling on marketplaces around the world. We have offices in 7 countries with experts to help you succeed wherever you’re looking to sell. Our data-driven insights, proprietary software, and top-notch teams can help you succeed in achieving long-term profitability both domestically and throughout the world. Read for a brief overview of the different ecommerce marketplaces available in Europe and how to best succeed if you’re looking to expand there.

Amazon Marketplaces in Europe

Amazon is the biggest ecommerce channel in Europe, servicing more than 200,000 sellers that are largely small and medium-sized enterprises. In Europe, Amazon is available in the following regions:

  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon DE
  • Amazon FR
  • Amazon ES
  • Amazon IT
  • Amazon NE
  • Amazon PL
  • Amazon SE

A great way to ease into Amazon’s European markets is by taking advantage of Amazon’s Global Store. If you’re wanting to gauge interest and demand for your products in European markets, this is an easy way to do so.


Zalando is a German fashion and lifestyle platform that was launched in 2008. It’s the next biggest marketplace after Amazon. Though its core markets are Germany and German-speaking countries, it’s becoming more and more popular across Europe. There were 50.2 million active Zolando customers as of last year, and its average basket size is 56.2 euros.


Cdiscount is a French online retailer with around 40 million monthly visitors. It has a wide range of products with a large amount of home and garden products and is the third largest source (after and of ecommerce sales in France.


OTTO is a platform that recently transitioned from being an online retailer. OTTO services almost entirely German consumers in categories like Furniture and Appliances, Fashion, and Electronics and Media.


Another marketplace you should be aware of is Allegro, a big player in the Poland ecommerce market selling products in all major categories. Allegro has about 20 million monthly visitors, mostly from Poland, and offers users services like fast and free delivery and pickup at Poland’s widest network of pickup points. is a Dutch/Belgian ecommerce platform that is very popular in the Netherlands. Last year, announced its 50,000th sales partner and sizable growth in its number of Belgian merchants, doubling in size during the Coronavirus pandemic to over 5,400 Belgian sales partners.

Expand to European Ecommerce Marketplaces with Pattern

Itching for global growth? Europe is a great place for U.S. brands to start expanding into for greater ecommerce success. With the right 3P partner that has experience in European ecommerce and the tools and expertise you need to make a successful transition, you can extend your reach and audience to consumers in Europe and around the world. Pattern, a global ecommerce accelerator and 3P partner, has the resources, technology, data, and experience you need to get your products up and optimized on marketplaces domestically and internationally. Contact us here to get started.