We’re experts at helping brands create a profitable growth strategy on the Amazon marketplace while helping them maintain brand control. Pattern is one of the top 5 third-party sellers on Amazon based on revenue and the #1 seller in Health & Personal Care.

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How to Win on Amazon

How to Win on Amazon

Should I Sell 1P or 3P on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon isn't optional in the retail world today. If you're not an Amazon inventory seller, most consumers may not even know you exist. But navigating the Amazon marketplace can be tricky. Is a 1P relationship or a 3P relationship better in the long run? Let's break down some of the differences and pros/cons of each.

1P vs. 3P

1P vs. 3P

The Differences Between Vendor Central and Seller Central

  • Amazon 1P Vendor / Amazon 3P Vendor
  • Invitation only / Open to anyone
  • Sell inventory directly to Amazon / Sell directly to Amazon customers
  • Amazon controls retail pricing / Seller controls retail pricing
  • Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads / Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products
  • Sold by Amazon / Fulfilled by Amazon
Why Vendor Central

Why Vendor Central?


  • Sold by Amazon
  • Access to Product Display Ads
  • ARAP Data Insights


  • Dependent on Amazon Buying Inventory
  • No Pricing Control
  • CRaPed out products
  • Logistic Complications and Chargebacks
Why Seller Central

Why Seller Central?


  • Increased Brand Control
  • Amazon's Brand Registry program
  • Free Analytics


  • Higher Fulfillment Costs
  • Logistics Complications for FBA
  • Tax Nexus Creation


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