June 14, 2022

Global Ecommerce Weekly News: 14th June 2022

By Kayla de Oliveira / Global Ecommerce, Ecommerce Trends, Amazon

Get up to date with this week's ecommerce headlines from around the globe.

Amazon News

Prime suing Amazon after it ends its free Whole Foods delivery perk

Until now, Amazon Prime customers have been able to get free 2 hour delivery on Whole Foods products and orders of $35 and above. Prime users are suing Amazon for ‘depriving members of the benefit of their bargain’, saying the company should have reduced the cost of the Prime membership accordingly.

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Amazon offering to share marketplace data with sellers

In 2020, the EU Commission charged Amazon with using its size, power and data to gain an advantage over competitive merchants selling on its platform. In an attempt to avoid a fine and persuade EU antitrust regulators to close investigations, Amazon has offered to share marketplace data with sellers and boost visibility of rival products on its platform.

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Amazon ramps up social media influencing campaign

Amazon is flying influencers to high-end resorts to push social media presence. Influencers are given the opportunity to earn some money by promoting the company’s products on their own social media accounts. The online influencer marketing industry has grown from $1.7 in 2016 to $13.8 billion in 2021 and is expected to see further increases this year.

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Other Marketplace News

Walmart could be considering to launch in the UK

Online retailer, Walmart, may be thinking about bringing its platform to the UK, which the marketplace itself is denying. Allegedly, the company is asking UK sellers to sign up to Walmart Marketplace, which could prove to be the competitive rival to current dominating ecommerce retailer, Amazon.

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Shopify shareholders vote in favour of protecting CEO

Shopify’s CEO, Tobias Lutke, has been granted a 40% voting stake, or a special ”founder share”. The company recently went through its slowest quarterly revenue growth since going public in 2015. Investors have said they have faith in Lutke to take the company further amid industry challenges.

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Shopify launches ‘Audiences’ to help sellers combat Apple’s privacy changes

Shopify is expanding into the advertising market in order to combat Apple's privacy changes. The new policies have made it harder for merchants to target and measure digital advertising. ‘Audiences’ was created in response to Apple's privacy changes, making it easier for Shopify sellers to find customers on Facebook and Instagram.

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