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I have too many
distribution points

If you're working directly with a marketplace provider like Amazon, chances are that you're on the hook to ship products to as many as 75 different fulfillment centers. Add in international marketplaces and D2C channels and the number of distribution points can explode. By working with a competent seller like Pattern, you can avoid the complexity of burgeoning distribution points by shipping everything to one warehouse (ours) and letting us do the literal and proverbial heavy lifting.

too many distribution points
I need help
going international

Going international is one of the most difficult things for a brand to do. Common challenges include everything from international logistics to inventory management to content translation (not to mention international taxes and tariffs, cultural differences, and marketplace complexities to worry about). Pattern has offices in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. We are experts at helping brands navigate international markets and online marketplaces.

need help going international
I want to go
beyond Amazon

Amazon is big, but it's not everything in the eCommerce world. There's a whole world beyond Amazon. How about eBay, Jet.com, Flipkart, or TMall? The list goes on. And when it comes to everything from international logistics to inventory management to content translation, don't stress—we have you covered.

going beyond Amazon
My D2C
is complex

Operating a D2C website—especially at a global scale—can be incredibly daunting. From platform selection and content localization to payment gateways and fulfillment options, the complexity is real.

fulfillment too complex