Amazon Suppressed Your Buy Box. What’s next?

Identify why the “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons have disappeared and monitor your Buy Box performance with Pattern.

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The Problem

Buy Box suppression kills sales

Suppression forces customers to take a few extra steps to purchase a product. Without a one-click option, the chance customers will buy a product from you plummets.

“Generally, sales will tank when an item is suppressed and best-seller rank also tanks,” said John LeBaron, Chief Revenue Officer at Pattern.

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The Solution

Protect your price. Win the Buy Box.

As a Pattern partner, you get access to top-tier compliance and monitoring solutions with no fees. We’ll identify which products are being suppressed because of compliance issues, incomplete listings, or pricing and execute strategies to keep margins healthy.

Pattern really understands marketing, not to mention SEO and getting the Buy Box when it's needed. It was amazing to watch our revenue grow.

Chris Mayhew

Spectra Baby USA Sales Executive

Pattern has been a huge factor in our online success. Their reporting & breakdown of where our biggest lost sales are is nothing short of impressive.

Allison Burch

National Account Manager, Paslode

Pattern is holistic in their approach. They helped us to streamline distribution, protect our brand, and grow our ecommerce business.

Robin Gabel

Yogi Tea National Account Manager

Next Steps

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Enter your email and we’ll get started pulling the data for your personalized Amazon Performance Scorecard that shows how often your Buy Box is suppressed.

Step 2: Book time with an expert

We’ll share the results of our analysis and provide some cool actionable data to identify Buy Box suppression and other common Amazon problem areas quickly  - no strings attached.

Step 3: Take back control

See how small changes in your strategy can regain control of the Buy Box. Pattern’s partners control the Buy Box for every product listing.