Webinar | May 25, 2021 @7:00 pm EST

Accelerate Your Marketplace Presense - Walmart - TEST

Having launched Walmart Fulfillment Services just over a year ago, and with Walmart Marketplace experiencing several quarters of triple digit growth, Walmart Marketplace has left its mark on the industry. How do you tap into this ever-growing space? By first understanding the market. We’ll talk through some of the key drivers of success on Walmart.com in Pattern’s upcoming webinar: Accelerate Your Marketplace Presence.

In this webinar, we’ll examine the expansion and different components of Walmart Marketplace, specifically honing in on growth, features, advertising, functionality, and seller tools. We’ll break down each of these key drivers to help attendees better understand where they fit in this space and how knowing this market can take their brand to the next level.

To top off our webinar, we’ll open the floor to attendees for a Q&A around Walmart Marketplace changes and how to best implement tools for growth.

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Meet Our Panelists

David Wright
Melanie Alder
CIO / Co-Founder
John Lebaron
Pattern: CRO
Jason Beesley
Chief Financial Officer
David Wright

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