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As one of the largest hubs for ecommerce marketplaces, the United States and Canada are important markets to master early on. Staples like Amazon, eBay, and all got their start in North America and continue to maintain a strong ecommerce presence. Pattern's North America ecommerce experts empower you to accelerate on North American marketplaces.

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Top 5 Amazon Seller

Pattern is one of the top 3 Amazon sellers in the United States based on seller ratings and reviews.

Proven Results

Our brands experience 40% revenue growth and 98% MAP compliance in their first year.

Exclusive Partnerships

Try out new opportunities through Pattern’s partnerships with marketplaces like, Target+, and more.

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Our growing team brings expertise from across 22 global locations. Trust in our localized expertise to accelerate your brand in any country, any market.

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Europe's ecommerce opportunity is growing, especially in countries like the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.


The ecommerce opportunity in China is massive—it's the second-largest ecommerce market after the US.

Latin America

Don’t miss out on emerging opportunities in Latin America in countries like Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina.


The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is adopting ecommerce fast. Get in now to beat competitors.


Australia's ecommerce presence has been growing steadily as large marketplaces like Amazon have entered the game.

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