July 27, 2021

The Importance of Social Selling in APAC

By Misha Pabari / Asia, Ecommerce Trends, Global Ecommerce, Tmall

We’ve previously written about brands using livestreaming techniques as part of their Tmall marketing strategy, to build awareness in the Chinese market. In this blog, we’ll outline how other South East Asian markets are following in China’s footsteps and realising the importance of social selling in APAC.

Maximise your brand’s discoverability

Customer acquisition marketing costs can be high when you first enter a new market. For all brands looking to internationalise through marketplaces we recommend they establish brand awareness in the target market via social channels and advertising on the marketplaces. Livestreaming content can be used to promote your products in several ways; both to engage those who are already aware of your brand, and also to help consumers discover your brand and products for the first time.

Livestreaming has been adopted by marketplaces across the APAC region. Tmall, JD.com, Lazada and Shopee have all developed livestreaming platforms and reported uplifts in usage during 2020; particularly during lockdowns when stores were closed.

How social selling in APAC works

Your trade partner should have their own presenters on staff, who can present your products on livestream shows that are dedicated to your brand. This can help you to educate and convert customers who already have awareness of your brand.

You may also work with influencers (called KOLs or key opinion leaders) to showcase your products to their followers and extend your reach. We’ve successfully used livestreaming platforms to engage and convert customers in China, and the same techniques can work in South East Asia too.

Collaborating with KOLs and micro-influencers

While the most well-known KOLs can have millions of followers they are also extremely expensive. If you are prepared to pay for their involvement, then you can work with more widely known KOLs to feature your products on a livestream and drive thousands of purchases during the stream.

Alternatively, some brands opt to work with micro-influencers with expertise in their category instead. This can be an extremely effective way of engaging smaller audiences who are most likely to purchase your products.

Collaborating with KOLs and micro-influencers should not be restricted to just livestreaming content. Social selling in APAC can expand further to content on other offline marketing channels including Douyin (Tiktok), WeChat and RED, ensuring that you have the optimal marketing mix in place for your brand.

Competition for brand awareness in the Asia Pacific region is fierce, and international brands should be prepared to invest enough in marketing when preparing for a successful launch. When used effectively social selling techniques in APAC can help your brand to engage and retain customers.

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