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March 29, 2022

Global Ecommerce Weekly News: 29th March 2022

By Kayla de Oliveira & Clea Boyd-Eedle / Ecommerce Trends, Global Ecommerce

Get up to date with this week's ecommerce headlines from around the globe.

Shopee set to end operations in India

  • After only six months, ecommerce firm Shopee has announced it is ending its operations in India.

  • Due to both operational decisions and government pressures, the loss-making firm is now set to shut down all retail operations in India.

  • The move also follows a government ban on Free Fire, a gaming application ran by Shopee’s parent company, Sea - which resulted in a $16 billion USD market value drop in just one day.

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Morrisons partners with on-demand grocery platform Gopuff

  • UK-based retailer Morrisons has announced it is partnering with on-demand delivery platform Gopuff.

  • The multi-year deal is Gopuff’s first partnership with an EU retailer and will allow users across 20 UK cities to have Morrison’s groceries products delivered in minutes.

  • Gopuff has raised $3.4 billion USD in funding from overseas investors with the aim of taking advantage of promising growth opportunities.

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Selfridges opens first metaverse department store

  • Selfridges has launched the first virtual department store as part of Metaverse Fashion Week, located in the virtual world ‘Decentraland’.

  • Anyone is welcome to explore the store as a guest, with limited access to view exclusive NFTs. For access to all features, the user will need to link their crypto wallet.

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Etsy sellers unhappy with increased fees

  • According to Etsy’s recent annual report, there will be a 5 to 6.5% rise in fees for those selling on their platform.

  • The marketplace states that this is being done with the intention of reinvesting into the platform to make improvements for all users.

  • As a result, Etsy sellers and merchants are proposing a petition, which already has 800 signatures, where they are switching their stores to vacation mode in an effort to petition against the spike in fees.

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Amazon focuses on retaining rather than acquiring new Prime users

  • Amazon has revealed it would be focusing its strategy on retaining Prime users, rather than acquiring.

  • The company has also announced that it will be closing 68 of its brick and mortar stores, keeping only Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, and Amazon Go with the aim of incentivising current Prime users to visit these retail shops.

  • The company is also set to launch Amazon Style in the U.S this year, an experiment testing customer repeat visits.

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ESW signs agreement with UPS to offer faster DTC ecommerce access and delivery

  • ESW, a leader in direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce, has formed an alliance with delivery company, UPS, allowing for an easier and more effective cross border experience for brands wanting to sell DTC in international markets.

  • Data has shown that Millenials and Gen Z shoppers prefer to purchase products cross-border that they cannot source locally.

  • With the combination of the data & technology at ESW and the logistics & planning at UPS, a far more global consumer reach can be achieved.

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MyDeal launches new marketplace in Australia

  • Expansion plans for MyDeal have included a launch of, a new global activities marketplace, offering local experiences and activities.

  • With COVID restrictions easing worldwide, the market for travel and experiences is growing. MyDeal sees opportunities to expand into New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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Live shopping marketplace ShopThing raises $10 million USD

  • North America-based luxury marketplace, ShopThing, has raised $10 million USD in a Series A funding round.

  • Personal shoppers and influencers use live streaming to promote products on the marketplace, allowing customers to view items in real stores, get information about sizing and then proceed to purchase their chosen items through the IOS App.

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