Case Study


Thorne is a supplements and wellness brand dedicated to quality ingredient sourcing, clinical research, lab testing, and sustainable business practices.

Partner SinceMay 1, 2015
MarketplacesAmazon U.S., CA, U.K., China; Tmall,, Jet, MercadoLibre
Seller CategoryHealth, Household & Personal Care

Key Challenges

Thorne needed more bandwidth to expand their ecommerce presence. They wanted to grow to new marketplaces, but needed a partner to get there. Not only that, but MAP compliance issues from various online sellers were creating problems for their pricing and profitability. Finally, a lack of a uniform customer experience across marketplaces brought them to Pattern.

No Bandwidth
  • Lacking bandwidth to expand ecommerce presence to new markets.
  • Wanted to go international and to new marketplaces but needed help.
MAP Issues
  • MAP compliance issues from online sellers.
  • Prices and profitability decreased.
Poor Customer Experience
  • No uniform customer brand experience on all marketplaces.
  • Wanted to create a seamless customer journey.
  • Thorne's content on listings was not the same across different marketplaces.

Our Approach

From the beginning, we partnered Thorne with a personal Brand Manager to maintain a close relationship with Thorne's production and operations team. Then we attacked all of their problems head on together: Our creative team revamped their A+ content and made full 360 product renders, we gave Thorne compliance tools through our Predict software, and Pattern's digital advertising and marketing experts grew sales. Lastly, our international marketplace experts took Thorne to China and beyond.


Through their Pattern partnership, Thorne was able to expand to 7 new marketplaces and countries including, Tmall, MercadoLibre, Jet, and Amazon China, CA, and EU. Their brand control has never been better, and all their listings are optimized for sales growth.

Increased Sales
  • Sales growth of 50% over one year.
  • Increased Subscribe and Save customers by 50% YoY.
Optimized Content
  • Enhanced SEO for titles, headlines, back-end search terms, etc., as well as A+ Content implementation.
  • New image stacks, 360 bottle renders, and videos from the Pattern creative team.
Brand Control
  • MAP compliance has averaged 99% over the last 6 months.
  • Listings are uniform.
Marketplace Expansion
  • Thorne has expanded to, Tmall, MercadoLibre, Jet, and Amazon China, CA, and EU.



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New Marketplaces and Countries


Increased S&S Customers