We Are Obsessed With Partner Success.

Over 70 brands trust Pattern with their ecommerce business. “Our secret is that we are partner obsessed. Pattern has experienced such explosive growth because we are brand obsessed and we tailor all of our offerings to what a brand wants and needs.” — Melanie Alder, Pattern Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer

The Good Feelings Are Mutual

Our brands trust and highly-recommend Pattern because we deliver cutting-edge business ecommerce solutions from start to finish. But don't just take our word for it.

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Because partnership means so much to us, we don't partner with just anybody. We only partner with established brands dedicated to implementing ecommerce best practices for the long haul. Here's how we decide if we're right for each other.

1. Discovery

Step 1


You contact us below. We set up a call to learn a bit more about your brand, ecommerce presence, and international strategy. You learn about us, our product offering, and what a tailor-made strategy for your goals looks like.

2. Analysis

Step 2


We do our research. We’ll run an audit of your current brand awareness in China and existing sales on Tmall and Taobao. We'll wow you with data-driven insights about how a Pattern partnership will enable you to hit your ecommerce goals.

3. Proposal

Step 3


Our marketplace experts and data analysts compile the information you've given us into a partnership proposal complete with a roadmap for growth and key expectations. From here, we set goals to begin the launch of your brand as a Pattern Partner.

4. Launch

Step 4


We introduce you to your Pattern teammates and hit the ground running. We strategise and set priorities to tackle your immediate ecommerce needs, then look at breaking into new channels and markets. From here on out, we're on the same page working toward a common goal.