What’s Your Marketplace Performance Score?

MPS calculates your marketplace revenue potential. Brands miss out on marketplace revenue growth in three areas: Traffic, conversion, and price. Pattern’s custom Marketplace Performance Score™ (MPS™) rating index provides real-time data that illuminates missed revenue growth opportunities. Don’t leave your share of the global $6T ecommerce market to chance—analyze ASIN and competitor performance today.

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How Marketplace Performance Score Works

Identify problem areas quickly, lean in on strengths. Marketplace Performance Score analyzes your top 25 ASINs to identify strengths, weaknesses, and gaps in revenue growth potential on ecommerce marketplaces. The result? A score of 1-10 in each revenue performance metric (traffic, conversion, price) to help you understand the full picture. The higher the MPS score, the more revenue you’ll generate on an ecommerce marketplace.


Evaluate Marketplace Ecommerce Traffic

Traffic is the first strategic lever to drive revenue on marketplaces. Without generating more ecommerce traffic to your listings, you don’t have a hope of increasing marketplace revenue. An MPS Traffic score breaks down and rates your ecommerce traffic in three key areas:

  • Paid traffic

  • Organic traffic

  • Marketplace coverage

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Calculate Conversion Opportunities on Marketplaces

Conversion is the second strategic lever to drive revenue on marketplaces. Once potential buyers interact with your product, they have to be compelled to convert on the listing. The MPS Conversion score breaks down and rates your marketplace conversion into five key areas:

  • Listing Titles, Bullets, Descriptions

  • Images & Videos

  • Content

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • Competitiveness

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Monitor Price Across Marketplaces & Sellers

Pricing is the third strategic lever to drive revenue on marketplaces. Without consistent pricing across marketplaces and sellers, your profits will steadily erode and you’ll have a hard time winning the Buy Box. The MPS Price score breaks down and rates your ecommerce price into four key areas:

  • Channel Conflict

  • Number of Sellers

  • Product Compliance

  • Cross-Channel Consistency

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