May 20, 2020

Ecommerce Is Growing in Mexico. Win on Amazon MX With Pattern

By Kevin Lamb / Amazon, Latin America, MercadoLibre, Global Ecommerce

Mexico’s impressive ecommerce growth in recent years has made it a prime candidate for brands looking to get in at the ground floor in an emerging market.

While the market still doesn’t make it into the top 10 ecommerce markets worldwide, eMarketer reported in 2019 that Mexico was the fastest-growing ecommerce market in the world, ahead of countries like India and China.

mexico-ecommerce-growth Amazon MX partner

Amazon has replicated their domestic success in a number of countries outside of the U.S. including Canada and the EU. While they have not found themselves dominating the ecommerce market in Mexico (that would be MercadoLibre), they still are an important part of a brand’s strategy for selling in Mexico.

Marketplace profile

Amazon Mexico gets roughly half the monthly visits to their site that MercadoLibre does. That, however, does not create any sort of case for ignoring the marketplace. In December 2019 Amazon MX received 63.76 million visits to their home page. That’s a lot of consumers you could be reaching with your brand.

Amazon MX vs. MercadoLibre

Amazon Mexico runs its marketplace quite differently than MercadoLibre. While MercadoLibre runs a more eBay-esque marketplace with one seller per listing, Amazon MX operates on the same Buy Box model you see in the U.S.

Amazon MX vs. Amazon

For those sellers already used to selling on Amazon in the U.S., you will find Amazon MX runs very similarly. In fact, Amazon itself is organized such that you can simply transfer listings from your U.S. account to Amazon MX. Some sellers are even selling their U.S. FBA products on Amazon Mexico via the NARF program, which Pattern actively utilizes.

Amazon MX SEO vs. SEO on MercadoLibre

SEO on Amazon MX is also quite different from MercadoLibre. You will often see pricing all over the place on MercadoLibre’s top listings in search due to the fact that seller reputation is quite a bit more weighty in determining search ranking than price. Amazon MX again mirrors the U.S. in their search placement algorithm with price, FBA offerings, and search terms being key determinants in rankings on key search terms.

Amazon MX competition

It’s important that sellers who already have a 1P relationship with Amazon in the U.S. be aware that if they want to sell their products 3P on Amazon MX they may find themselves in competition with Amazon MX itself. Amazon reserves the right to sell your products globally when they source them from you and will often sell your products internationally wherever they see demand.

Amazon Mexico ecommerce partner Pattern

Image credit: BanderasNews

Let Pattern be your Amazon MX specialist

With ecommerce in Mexico on the rise and Amazon always finding a way to become a key player, it’s no surprise that Pattern is already there and ready to help. Here are few reasons you should consider Pattern as your premier partner for Amazon MX:

  • Expertise that has made us a top 5 seller on Amazon U.S.
  • Experience in selling in multiple categories on Amazon MX (including restricted categories that are difficult to enter, such as vitamins and supplements)
  • A powerhouse international team with more than a decade of ecommerce consulting experience that includes the Mexican market
  • A proven logistics network that gets your products safely down to Amazon Mexico’s FBA centers

Reach out to Pattern now through the form below to learn how you can be a first mover in the Mexican market by selling on Amazon MX.

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