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Stellar Content

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Data-driven SEO

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Stats-based Advertising

which reduces the cost of new customer acquisition

My SEO needs help

Hundreds of new sellers and products are added to Amazon every day. With increased competition you may have found that you're having trouble ranking in keyword searches.

Or you may wonder why your Google SEO strategies are not having the same effect when applied to Amazon.

We can help you decipher the A9 Amazon ranking algorithm and help your products rank higher and get in front of the eyes of your customers.

I'm paying too much
for advertising

Advertising within online marketplaces like Amazon can be confusing. We look to the patterns and numbers when deciding on a bid and a budget. We focus on statistics-based advertising which reduces the cost of new customer acquisition.

paying too much for advertising
My rankings are

Falling rankings is one of the natural consequences of a lack of brand control. When a brand has no idea or control over who is selling their products, quality control and customer satisfaction standards are likely to slip. Identifying who is selling your products at what price can help you regain control and improve your rankings.

rankings falling
I have customer
retention issues

Keeping and reselling to a great customer is just as good as gaining a new one. Customers who love your brand will repurchase your products, but they are also always looking for the best deal. If you have resellers who are constantly violating and undercutting MAP, you'll be hard-pressed to retain your customers. We help enforce MAP policy and help remove violators from online marketplaces, helping you keep your existing customers around longer.

customer retention issues