Yogi Tea's ecommerce growth case study with Pattern

Yogi Tea

Yogi blends over 140 spices and botanicals to make 40+ Herbal, Green, and Black wellness teas, each created with delicious flavor and healthy benefits in mind.

Partner sinceFebruary 27, 2018
MarketplacesAmazon U.S., Amazon CA, eBay
Seller categoryGrocery & Gourmet Food

Key Challenges

  • Unauthorized seller activity online, resulting in poor customer experience, inability to consistently enforce quality controls and brand standards.
  • Yogi needed the ability to more readily control Amazon product listings to ensure accuracy, supporting customers when shopping online.


SEO Ranking Improvement

In first two months of launch, bundles ranked in top
search results of "tea," "herbal tea," and "tea variety pack"
Yogi controls over
of listings for keyword, "Yogi Tea"

Variety Pack Success

Pattern created 6-pack bundles of Yogi teas to introduce customers to different product lines and to provide a better introductory size. Quick sales growth lead to bundles being featured on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases” page in the top 10 new releases. Variety Pack sales lead to incremental top line revenue growth, accounting for 14% of revenue in December 2019.


Growth Chart, Pattern

December 2019 Revenue

Compliance & Brand Control

enhanced brand integrity90%

Over 90% of Yogi Tea sold on Amazon is now coming from Pattern, supporting the customer experience and upholding product quality standards.

enhanced brand integrityenhanced brand integrity

Yogi Tea was able to take back control of their brand online.

Yogi Tea ecommerce business solutions success from Pattern

Benefits as a Pattern Partner

Enhanced customer experience, increased sales volume, simplified supply chain, allowing Yogi to move strategic company employees to other key business objectives.

Identify and track unauthorized sellers through Pattern's compliance monitoring software, Predict.

Access to Pattern’s rules-based advertising tools and SEO expertise.

A personal Brand Manager as an extension of their team.

Connection to legal counsel for assistance removing unauthorized sellers​.