Case Study

Spectra Baby

Spectra Baby’s team of registered nurses, lactation consultants, and mothers offer breastfeeding products made for moms, by moms.

Key Challenges

“We were selling directly to Amazon, which was a big mistake because then our pricing strategy went nowhere. Anyone who could fog a mirror was selling Spectra’s products too and from a wholesaler standpoint. We really needed the reporting, we needed the data, we needed a partner that understood the marketplace.” — Chris Mayhew, Spectra Baby USA Sales Executive

Shrinking Margins
  • Unauthorized sellers breaking MAP.
  • Varied pricing on Amazon.
  • Inconsistent product content listings.
  • Inaccurate information spreading across sellers.
Limited Reporting
  • Limited control and data on performance.
  • No way to track unauthorized sellers.
Frustration With 1P
  • Amazon didn't care as much about Spectra Baby's problems as they did.

Our Approach

Spectra Baby USA needed to clean up their Amazon channel. Their Brand Manager became their go-to Amazon expert, helping them use our data-backed, rules-based advertising and SEO campaigns to optimize content on all SKUs. Then we connected them with legal counsel for MAP policy creation and legal enforcement assistance. Finally, Pattern helped Spectra with real-time MAP compliance and growth data from our Predict software.


Through Pattern's Amazon experts, we helped Spectra Baby create winning strategies to streamline revenue growth, increase Buy Box ownership to 91%, optimize all listings, and gain back brand control. When we partnered with Spectra we went all-in to get great—not just good—results.

Streamlined Revenue Growth
  • 2X increase in revenue.
  • Averaged a 73% revenue increase each month during their first year with us (between 2017 and 2018).
Increased Buy Box Ownership
  • Pattern currently controls 91% of the Buy Box for Spectra Baby products
  • Buy Box ownership increased by 62%.
SEO Optimization
  • 1,250% increase in sales rank.
  • Spectra Baby is the #1 organic search result for “Breast Pump” on Amazon.
More Brand Control
  • MAP compliance increased to 90% in the first year, an increase of 30% from the previous year.
  • Achieved 98.9% MAP compliance across all sellers.



MAP Compliance


Buy Box Ownership


Average Monthly Revenue Increase During 1st Year