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Owlet: Amazon Live Event

Owlet is dedicated to providing innovative baby monitor products that can track a baby's vital signs, giving parents peace of mind.

Partner sinceMarch 2019
MarketplacesAmazon, MX
Seller categoryBaby

Key Challenges

  • Owlet wanted to raise awareness about their products and brand.
  • Owlet wanted to demonstrate the efficacy of their baby monitoring products.


Improved Best Seller Ranking

Owlet’s Best Seller Ranking improved to
for their sock monitor during the event/sale
Owlet’s Best Seller Ranking improved to
for their camera during the event/sale

Increased sales

Owlet increased sales by approximately 9-16% throughout the whole week of the Amazon Live event and sale.


Growth Chart, Pattern

Increased Sales

Increased Views & Visits

enhanced brand integrity

Owlet sales, page views, and sessions all spiked during the Amazon Live event.

enhanced brand integrityenhanced brand integrity
Owlet Amazon Live case study, Pattern

Benefits as a Pattern Partner

Bandwidth to explore Amazon programs like Amazon Live video.

Creative team to take care of videography and set design.

Advertising team to promote their products and product bundles in conjunction with their Amazon Live event.

Digital analytics team to analyze the impact of an Amazon Live event.