Case Study

Integrative Therapeutics

Integrative Therapeutics is a nutritional supplements brand focusing on a wellness-driven approach to nutrition together with practitioners.

Partner SinceMarch 2015
MarketplacesAmazon U.S., CA, Google Shopping
Seller CategoryHealth, Household & Personal Care

Key Challenges

Integrative was facing channel conflict. Because Integrative’s products were also available on Amazon, their practitioners became upset with the different pricing and availability of products. Additionally, Integrative’s brand wasn't being represented well on Amazon because of inconsistent listings and content. Lastly, unauthorized sellers created problems among Integrative’s various distribution channels.

Channel Conflict
  • Integrative’s practitioners were upset because products were also available on Amazon.
  • Pricing and availability across channels were different.
Poor Brand Representation
  • Integrative’s brand wasn't being represented well on Amazon.
  • Inconsistent listings and content spread.
Unauthorized Sellers
  • Unauthorized sellers were creating problems among Integrative’s various distribution channels and product integrity.
Slowed Growth
  • Because of unauthorized sellers and inconsistent content, Integrative's sales growth slowed down.

Our Approach

As a Pattern partner, we helped Integrative develop a winning advertising strategy focused on defending share and maximizing brand penetration to outpace category growth. Then we got them in control of content to provide a consistent brand message that assured shoppers received the right information. Finally, Pattern's customer service engaged with consumers to ensure a positive brand experience beyond the transaction.


"Prior to Pattern, we had two individuals spending a lot of time and not making much progress. Going to the next step of making Pattern our sole Amazon reseller was critical to achieve the control we ultimately needed and have been able to maintain. They treat our brand as if it was their own. We trust them with our brand." — Mandy Kraynik, Integrative VP of Innovation

Revenue Growth
  • Compound revenue growth from Jan. 2018 to Jan. 2020 is 39%.
Brand Control
  • Having one authorized seller (Pattern) helped their brand be represented with integrity on Amazon and the other platforms.
Brand Expansion
  • Expanded Integrative's product offering to Google Shopping.
Better Data
  • Through our Predict software, Integrative can monitor key metrics to get an advantage.