September 29, 2020

Thorne Increase Their Sales Growth by 50% with a Pattern Partnership

By Clarissa Peters / Brand Growth, Creative Strategy, Customer Success

Welcome to our blog series called “Why Brands Work With Pattern.” Each week we discuss why the top brands in ecommerce turn to Pattern to drive global, profitable growth and control.

This week we are highlighting Thorne. Thorne is a health solutions company dedicated to bringing consumers high quality, personalized nutritional supplements. They invest in rigorous science and comprehensive testing to ensure the highest quality ingredients and use the cleanest manufacturing process to provide unrivaled products for a person's health. With the help of Pattern, Thorne achieved a 50% increase in marketplace growth in one year. We love being Thorne’s partner and enjoy working with their awesome team to achieve incredible results.

See what we accomplished together below and download the case study PDF here.

Why Thorne partnered with Pattern: Lack of brand control, lack of consumer education

Before Thorne partnered with Pattern in 2015, there were numerous unauthorized sellers flooding Amazon and disrupting prices.

While dealing with these unauthorized sellers, Thorne was also trying to expand their target market to include consumers instead of strictly focusing on health care practitioners. Thorne did not have the bandwidth to expand to new marketplaces and educate their consumer on the Thorne brand and story.

What Thorne and Pattern accomplished together

Thorne partnered with Pattern to gain back control of their ecommerce presence and create a solidified customer experience across all ecommerce platforms. Together Thorne and Pattern built a strategy built on the following pillars:

  1. Eliminating unauthorized sellers
  2. Educating consumer on Thorne as a premium supplement brand
  3. Expanding their reach with new marketplaces

Let’s chat about each of the pillars and discuss the outcomes we achieved working together with Thorne.

3 strategic pillars that helped Thorne grow

1. Eliminating unauthorized sellers

We worked with Thorne to identify unauthorized sellers who were threatening Thorne’s control on Amazon and disrupting prices.

The keystone of this strategy was using Pattern’s Predict software that helped Thorne uncover all of their current noncompliant sellers across Amazon. The visibility that Pattern’s Predict software provided helped Thorne identify key contributors to their control problems including channel conflict, price erosion, and inaccurate product listings.

After revealing these unauthorized sellers, Thorne was able to clean up their distribution network and remove unauthorized sellers causing channel conflict and price erosion.

Results of eliminating unauthorized sellers:

Because Thorne eliminated numerous unauthorized sellers, they were able to gain almost complete control over their Amazon channel. Thorne’s compliance reached 99% in their first 6 months with Pattern. Since eliminating unauthorized sellers, Thorne’s product listings are uniform, providing a better customer experience.

2. Educating consumer on Thorne as a premium supplement brand

After gaining back control of their brand, Thorne worked with Pattern to create product content that would educate consumers on Thorne’s brand story and what made them different from other supplement brands.

Pattern’s and Thorne’s creative teams worked on curating quality images and videos (as seen below) that educated the viewer and eventually led to a huge increase in sales.


A key part of this strategy was enhancing Thorne’s SEO for titles, descriptions, back-end search terms as well as A+ Content implementation. Pattern’s creative team also created new image stacks, storefronts, and videos for Thorne.

These creative assets were all focused around showcasing Thorne’s quality and expertise to educate the consumer on the unique benefits their brand brings to a saturated supplement market.

Results of consistent brand content:

Thorne’s optimized images increased sales by 50% over one year.

“Since Pattern, Thorne has reached thousands of new customers and been able to compete within the cluttered supplement category through advertising,” said Touria Carson, Thorne Growth and Digital Marketing Manager.

3. Expanding their reach with new marketplaces

After strengthening their already existing ecommerce platforms, Pattern and Thorne worked together to expand their reach into international marketplaces.

Pattern international experts helped Thorne get all set up with a portfolio of product listings on, Tmall, MercadoLibre, and Amazon China, CA, UK, EU, and Brazil.

Expanding to new marketplaces allowed Thorne to quickly and efficiently get in front of their new target market and consumers.

Results of diverse ecommerce portfolio:

Since launching on these new marketplaces, Thorne has expanded their reach and increased their overall ecommerce growth.

“Pattern's management of our marketplace sales has improved the customer experience and provided valuable information regarding product movement,” said Thomas McKenna, Thorne Chief Operating Officer

One team—Thorne and Pattern

After developing an ecommerce strategy centered around these 3 pillars: eliminating unauthorized sellers, educating the consumer on Thorne’s brand, and expanding their reach with new marketplaces, Pattern has been able to help Thorne reach new customers and propel them towards a long future of profitable growth.

Working together in an aligned fashion with Thorne’s team helped us achieve these results together. Partner obsession is in our DNA at Pattern—we win when our partners win.

Download Thorne’s one page case study here.

If you are facing similar ecommerce challenges, Pattern can help. Our global platform and services don’t cost you anything—that’s right, $0 out of your pocket.

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