December 1, 2020

Converse's Revenue Increased by 50% with a Pattern Partnership

By Clarissa Peters / Customer Success, Brand Growth, Australia

Welcome to our blog series called, “Why Brands Work With Pattern.” Each week we discuss why the top brands in ecommerce turn to Pattern to drive global, profitable growth and control.

This week we are highlighting Converse. Converse is an American shoe company and is run under license in Australia and New Zealand by Conquest Sports, and with Pattern's team of ecommerce experts, Converse increased their revenue by 50%

See what we accomplished together below and download the case study PDF here.

Converse and Pattern Case Study

Why Converse Worked with Pattern: Needed to increase their online channel growth, Wanted to increase conversion on their online channels in Australia/New Zealand

Converse approached Pattern as they were looking to supercharge the Converse online channel and accelerate its growth by bringing in external expertise to partner with their current team. Converse needed key information on the Australian and New Zealand markets, which they knew Pattern could provide.

What Converse and Pattern accomplished together

Pattern and Converse developed a 3 part strategy that was sure to increase their online sales:

  1. Completing a Strategic Channel Review
  2. Creating a roadmap for change
  3. Executing on key strategies from the roadmap

Converse teamed up with Pattern to grow their ecommerce presence by completing a channel review in Australia and New Zealand to get to know the market better and this strategy would accomplish that.

3 strategic pillars that helped Converse grow

1. Completing a Strategic Channel Review

Pattern undertook a Strategic Channel Review by analyzing all areas of the business that supported the online store to identify key opportunities. This review included several high priority changes were quickly identified as either gaps or opportunities to accelerate the channel.

“By taking the time to understand our whole business, Pattern was able to expertly deliver a tailored solution that has produced fantastic results.” said Jonathan Oates, Converse Online Manager

2. Creating a roadmap for change

On the back of these findings, a roadmap for change was delivered, which included a commercial plan outlining the financial and strategic benefits. This roadmap was broken down into a list of actionable items that Converse could complete to boost revenue in Australia and New Zealand in order of importance and impact.

“Engaging and approachable, Pattern has helped us navigate the ecommerce marketplace in the most efficient and cost effective manner.” said Jonathan Oates, Converse’s Online Manager.

3. Executing on key strategies from the roadmap

Following this, Pattern worked on key projects that provided quick but strategically aligned wins to have a direct impact on the site’s KPIs. These included a responsive site redesign of key pages, performance tuning, and changes to the homepage and shopping cart. To help deliver these changes, a dedicated Trading Manager and Digital Designer were allocated to work alongside the existing team in an interim capacity.


After Pattern completed the Strategic Channel Review for Converse, Converse had a completed working roadmap that they could refer back to. After completing the top 10 suggestions from the roadmap, Converse’s revenue increased by 50% and their conversion rate increased 27%.

Converse's Results with Pattern

One team—Converse and Pattern

After developing a strategy centered around these 3 pillars: completing a Strategic Channel Review, creating a roadmap for change, and executing on key strategies from the roadmap, Pattern helped Converse increase their revenue by 50%.

Working together in an aligned fashion with Converse’s team helped us achieve these results together. Partner obsession is in our DNA—we win when our partners win.

Download Converse’s one page case study here.

If you are facing similar ecommerce challenges, Pattern can help. Our global platform and services don’t cost you anything—that’s right, $0 out of your pocket.

Schedule a demonstration of the Pattern platform and services here to learn more.

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