July 25, 2019

What We Do at Pattern

By Eleanor Adams / Brand Protection, Logistics & Fulfillment, Brand Growth

Pattern helps brands grow and control their eCommerce worldwide. And this ain’t our first rodeo. In the past five years alone we’ve become the No. 1 third-party seller for health and personal care on Amazon—and a top five Amazon seller across the board. (That’s out of four million other Amazon sellers and counting. Yeah, we think it’s a big deal too.)

We provide ecommerce business solutions

Maybe you have five people trying to grow your brand’s eCommerce. Probably three of them are doing Amazon, one is doing Walmart, and the last one isn’t quite sure how to wrangle all the other international marketplaces like Tmall, JD.com, MercadoLibre, etcetera. 

Pattern not only provides solutions for your international strategy—we help you sort out any challenges that might prevent your brand from growing. From SEO to distribution, we’re not afraid to get down to the unglamorous nitty-gritty that’s preventing you from reaching your growth goals.

We use data

At Pattern, we’re data fanatics. We can’t help it—thanks to our Founder/CEO David Wright, we were born this way.

“Dave has spent 17 years in data science and analytics,” said Melanie Alder, our Founder/Chief Investment Officer. “So naturally, everything we do is based around data.”

By curating real-time data with our proprietary software, we help brands move beyond guesswork to easily and effectively manage their online presence across multiple eCommerce platforms. When your brand is in our hands, we don’t leave anything to chance.

“This is why we’re so invested in the concept of patterns—because anything outside of that is luck or an anomaly,” Dave said. “Anybody who’s involved in statistics at all will look at patterns, and anything that’s not a pattern that they can reproduce is irrelevant and is just something you throw out.”

We can help

At Pattern, we get it: At the end of the day, you just want to grow your brand. We’re dedicated to giving you solutions based on cold, hard data to get you there.

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