USA Claims Independence from High Prices

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USA Claims Independence from High Prices

Popular Fourth of July Products See Inflation Reversal YoY

According to the latest data analysis from ecommerce accelerator, Pattern, Fourth of July celebration hosts won’t have to worry about inflation raining on their parade — except when it comes to beverages. 

Why it matters: As Independence Day approaches, American shoppers can rest easy knowing the cost of their celebrations won’t break the bank thanks to easing inflation. Beverages, however, are a Fourth of July staple that stubbornly remain on the rise when it comes to pricing. 

What we’re seeing: If you’re planning to go all out for the red, white, and blue this year, there are plenty of party products that you can enjoy at a lower price than last year. We evaluated pricing data for the most popular Fourth of July products from 2022 – present day to see how prices for these Independence Day party staples have fared over the last year: 

  • Folding Tables have decreased in price by -7.69% from Q2 2022 – Q2 2023
  • Grill Accessories -7.09%
  • Inflatable Pool -6.73%
  • Glowsticks -5.06%
  • Sparklers -4.16%
  • BBQ Sauce -4.02%
  • Hot Dogs -2.99%
  • Fireworks -2.22%
  • Pool Toys -2.22% 
  • Camping Gear -1.65% 

Yes, but: While hosts might not have to worry about the price of popular party items, the cost to keep your thirst quenched this Fourth of July might be higher than last year. Here’s how beverage prices have risen year over year:

  • Olipop increased in price by 25.21% from Q2 2022 – Q2 2023
  • Mountain Dew +21.79%
  • Pepsi +12.04%
  • Sprite +10.58%
  • Dr. Pepper +8.94%
  • 7Up +7.83%
  • Izze +7.27%
  • Wine +5.84%
  • Tequila +4.53%
  • CapriSun +3%
  • Beer +1.20%
  • Coca-Cola +0.56%

The takeaway: Consumers should have no problem placing their patriotism on full display this Fourth of July. With all the money they save on popular Independence Day party products, there should be plenty left over to afford the higher cost of beverages so their guests don’t go thirsty.

Pattern’s data science team analyzed pricing data on Amazon during every day of 2022 and 2023 so far to understand what consumers can expect during their Fourth of July shopping this year. If you’re interested in using revolutionary insights like these to drive your ecommerce strategy forward, reach out to our team for more information.

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