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Thorne Increases Ad Sales By 176% With Pattern’s Ad Technology

Thorne, a supplements and wellness brand, wasn't satisfied with their advertising performance on Amazon. They were faced with:

  • Low incremental return on ad spend (RoAS)
  • High customer acquisition cost
  • Lower new customer count than expected

They attributed the underperformance to the manual process required while using Amazon’s campaign option.

Thorne Seeks to Boost Ad Performance

Moving away from automated Amazon advertising, Thorne set goals to boost their ad campaigns in three specific areas:

  • Decrease customer acquisition cost
  • Maximize ad sales
  • Minimize ad spend

Pattern’s Technology Helps Thorne Achieve its Goals

In order to achieve their goals, Thorne selected a set of products, designated their expected return for each product, and set an advertising budget. Then, Pattern set a strategy for boosting their ad campaigns in a six-month time frame. Pattern shifted from using Amazon’s automatic campaigns to Pattern’s more advanced AI system, Destiny.

Through data-driven insights pulled from trillions of rows of data, Pattern’s Amazon experts set up advertising campaigns and picked keywords, then used the tech to help managed bids and automatically adjust ad spend as needed. By working with Pattern’s team, Thorne was able to make smart changes to their ad strategy, reaching their desired outcomes and goals.

Thorne Increases Ad Sales by 176% In 6 Months

Thorne achieved the following in just 6 months (compared to the previous 6-month period) using data from Destiny, Pattern’s AI advertising tool:

  • Customer acquisition cost decreased by 66%
  • Ad spend decreased by 43%
  • Ad sales increased by 176%

Pattern Technology Helps Brands Improve Their Ad Strategy

When it comes to advertising, brands have a lot of strategic work and competitive due diligence to do before they should start running ads. Identifying keywords, selecting which products to highlight, and determining which ads will be most competitive can require an overwhelming amount of time and resources–something that should not always be left to automated services on Amazon or other marketplaces. The workload becomes even heavier once those ads are running and require constant management. This is where Pattern’s expertise on Amazon and other global online marketplaces and technology steps in.

Pattern’s team of ecommerce experts help over 135 brands using proprietary technology coupled with millions of data-driven insights to make sure their brand partners' ad strategies are based on real data that will bring real results. Take control of your ad strategy with Pattern. Contact us.