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The Rise of the Budget Wedding

Increased Demand for Wedding Décor on Amazon YOY

According to new data from ecommerce accelerator, Pattern, brides and wedding planners are increasingly turning to Amazon for their wedding reception decoration needs, with demand up 32x compared to last year.  

Why it matters: With wedding volume in the U.S. projected to resume pre-pandemic levels in 2023 (approximately 2.1 million wedding receptions), Amazon is becoming the go-to source for budget-conscious weddings — especially as inflation continues to be a concern for engaged couples.  

What we’re seeing: We evaluated search data for the most popular wedding products on Amazon U.S. Marketplace for every day of 2022 and 2023 to better understand how consumers’ preferences have changed for common wedding staples. Here’s how Amazon demand for some of the most popular products have increased over the last year:

  • Reception Decorations +3,113.72% in Amazon demand
  • Floral Arrangements +2,940.18%
  • Table Accessories +1,844.85%
  • Wedding Signage +926.03%
  • Wedding Rings for Women +881.38%
  • Cake Cutting Knives +388.79%
  • Wedding Rings for Men +243.36%
  • Ring Pillows +156.21%
  • Bride Shoes +138.66%
  • Table Linens +113.60%
  • Aisle Runners +92.05%
  • Boutonniere +91.28%
  • Wedding Centerpieces +91.20%
  • Wedding Bouquets +84.54%
  • Bridesmaid Dresses +69.10%
  • Bridal Veils +54.67%
  • Wedding Invitations +35.20%

Yes, but: Engaged couples are still willing to drop big bucks on the most important aspects of the wedding — such as dresses and engagement rings. While wedding bands for women and men experienced increases, demand for engagement rings specifically decreased year over year. Wedding dresses also experienced decreased demand, suggesting that couples are purchasing these items at more traditional wedding retailers:

  • Engagement Rings -75.44% in Amazon demand
  • Wedding Dresses -30.70%
  • Diamond Rings -16.17%

What about pricing? Couples will be happy to learn that many popular wedding items have experienced inflation reversal year over year; however, there are some staples that brides and wedding planners should watch out for. Here’s how pricing for some of the most popular wedding products has changed from 2022 – 2023:

  • Floral Arrangements -6.96% in Amazon price
  • Table Numbers -6.80%
  • Bride Shoes -5.80%
  • Wedding Dresses -5.77%
  • Place Cards -5.12%
  • Cake Stands +2.73%
  • Wedding Bouquets +3.82%
  • Wedding Rings for Men +4.28%
  • Wedding Invitations +5.03%
  • Wedding Bands +11.10%

The takeaway: As weddings resume pre-pandemic levels in the U.S., many engaged couples are turning to Amazon to find great deals on the most popular items for their big day. However, the most important wedding items (wedding dresses and engagement rings) remain reserved for traditional retailers with shoppers illustrating decreased demand on Amazon for each of these categories. Whatever the shopping preference, couples will be happy to learn that many items within the wedding category on Amazon have experienced inflation reversal year over year, allowing them to plan a budget    wedding with greater ease.

  • Pattern’s data science team analyzed consumer demand (or the number of people shopping for a given item during a given period) as well as pricing data on Amazon during every day of 2022 and 2023 so far to understand trends in inflation and how wedding planners are using the marketplace to optimize their budget. If you’re interested in using insights like these to propel your ecommerce strategy forward, contact us for more information.