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The Inside Baseball on MLB Product Pricing

Most Fans Catch a Break from Infla

tion on Baseball Hats & Jerseys

The majority of baseball fans will be happy to hear the cost of supporting their favorite teams with a hat or jersey hasn’t increased much since Opening Day last year. However, 30% of fanbases won’t be so lucky: The cost of hats and jerseys for nine teams is up 10 – 20% year over year, according to new findings from our data science team.

Why it matters: From breakfast cereal to Super Bowl snacks, the cost of most consumer goods has gone up over the past year. However, one category that appears to be partially unscathed by inflation is MLB merchandise. This is great news for baseball fans, especially as Opening Day approaches on March 30, 2023.  

What we’re seeing: We looked at consumer search data on Amazon U.S. Marketplace for hats and jerseys across all MLB teams. On average, the cost for baseball hats and jerseys only rose by 3.98% since Opening Day 2022. The price of hats and jerseys for the majority of MLB teams looks fairly similar to this time last year:

  • Royals, Rays, Reds, and Diamondback Jerseys all saw a 0% change in price since Opening Day 2022
  • Brewers Jerseys +0.01%
  • Royals Hats +0.16%
  • Giants Hats +0.42%
  • Padres Hats +0.66%
  • Red Sox Jerseys +0.94%
  • Reds and Marlins Hats +1.11%
  • Pirates Hats +1.12%
  • Mariners Hats +1.52%
  • Mets Jerseys +1.62%
  • Astros Hats +2.18%
  • White Sox Hats +2.18%
  • Brewers Hats +2.90%
  • Astros Jerseys +2.97%
  • Red Sox Hats +3.18%
  • Rangers Jerseys +3.38%
  • Rangers Hats +3.42%
  • Diamondbacks Hats +3.56%
  • Nationals Jerseys +3.70%
  • Indians Jerseys +3.83%
  • Angels Jerseys +4.91%

What’s more: For some MLB teams, the price of hats and jerseys experienced an inflation reversal since Opening Day 2022:

  • Yankees Hats saw an inflation reversal of -5.73% since Opening Day last year
  • Blue Jays Jerseys -4.31%
  • Braves Hats -2.86%
  • Dodgers Hats -2.02%
  • Angels Hats -0.48%
  • Rays Hats -0.37%
  • Orioles Hats -0.36%
  • Braves Jerseys -0.25%
  • Padres Jerseys -0.09%

Yes, but: The cost of jerseys and hats for eight teams is up at least 10% or more year over year:

  • Phillies Jerseys saw a 19.55% price increase since Opening Day 2022
  • Guardians Hats +17.72%
  • Tigers Jerseys +13.79%
  • Dodgers Jerseys +11.90%
  • Phillies Hats +11.59%
  • Rockies Hats +11.24%
  • Cubs Hats +10.71%
  • Orioles Jerseys +10.43%
  • Mets Hats +10.23%

The takeaway: Depending on their team, baseball fans can expect to pay virtually the same price for MLB products ahead of Opening Day 2023. In some cases, they may even pay less than they did this time last year to support their favorite teams. However, fans for eight MLB teams won’t be so lucky with Phillies fans taking the hardest hit paying an average 15.57% more for hats and jerseys.

Pattern's data science team analyzed pricing data on Amazon U.S. Marketplace during every day of 2022 and 2023 so far to understand how much baseball fans can expect to pay for their team gear this season. If you’re looking to use insights like these to power your ecommerce strategy, reach out to our team for more information today.