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The Fight Against Inflation This Father’s Day

Rising Prices for Popular Gifts Put a Damper on Dad’s Day

If you’re planning on going the traditional route for Father’s Day this year, you may end up paying a higher price for gifts than last year, according to new data from ecommerce accelerator, Pattern.  

Why it matters: Even with inflation easing, prices for many fan favorite Father’s Day gifts — such as golf gear, grill goods, and games — remain on the rise.

What’s popular: Before we dive into the impact of inflation, we will first identify the most popular Father’s Day gifts according to consumer search data across Amazon U.S. Marketplace. Here’s what the top ten most searched for Father’s Day gifts were on Amazon ahead of the holiday in 2022:

  • Massage Guns held 39% of the total share of demand during Father’s Day season in 2022
  • Charcoal Grills 15%
  • Gaming Chairs 15%
  • Golf Accessories 9%
  • Men’s Wrist Watches 6%
  • Tool Sets 6%
  • Gas Grills 3%
  • Men’s Cologne 3%
  • Woodworking Tools 3%
  • Hand Tools 2%

The bad news: Of the ten most popular Father’s Day gifts for 2022, six items suffered rising prices due to inflation. These include:

  • The cost of Gaming Chairs rose by 23.90% from 2022 – 2023
  • Massage Guns +15.42%
  • Charcoal Grills +8.98%
  • Hand Tools +1.78%
  • Men’s Cologne +1.77%
  • Woodworking Tools +1.12%

However: Some items on the list experienced inflation reversal during the same reporting period, including:

  • Golf Accessories -2.77%
  • Tool Sets -7.67%
  • Men’s Wrist Watches -7.91%
  • Gas Grills -9.12%

Other items to watch: Our team evaluated pricing date from January 2022 – May 2023 for the top 50 Father’s Day items on Amazon U.S. marketplace to see how rising inflation affected the cost of the most popular items. The following items saw the highest price increases year over year:

  • Grill Drip Pans +32.35%
  • Men’s Golf Pants +15.18%
  • Men’s Ties +13.28%
  • Men’s Golf Shorts +9.19%
  • Propane Grills +7.01%
  • Barbecue Tool Sets +6.89%

Ways to save: If you’re looking to score points with Dad while saving on your Father’s Day celebration, there are some popular gifts that witnessed inflation reversal year over year to look out for:

  • Grilling Wood Pellets -3.53%
  • Grill Igniters -5.23%
  • Brewing Kit -5.24%
  • Men’s Golf Socks -5.62%
  • Grill Thermometers -7.19%
  • Men’s Razors -10.32%
  • Natural Gas Grills -30.40%

The takeaway: When it comes to the cost of most popular Father’s Day gifts, consumers can expect to pay a higher price. However, by taking a more non-traditional approach to Dad Day celebrations, families may be able to save money on those gifts that experienced inflation reversal year over year.  Pattern’s data science team analyzed pricing data on Amazon during every day of 2022 and 2023 so far to understand what consumers can expect during their Father’s Day shopping this year. If you’re looking to strengthen your ecommerce strategy using insights like these, contact our team for more information.