How a Trade Partner With the Right Expertise Can Accelerate Your Brand

Rebecca Brown

April 18, 2023

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Most brand executives expanding their business into the APAC region are aware of the resources and expertise they need to be successful in growing their brand. But these brands usually don’t have bandwidth with their current teams to dedicate to their APAC business. Going international can stretch the bandwidth of even the most talented and knowledgeable teams.

Brand executives are faced with the dilemma of having strained resources and needing to hire more talent, or find a trade partner who can provide the services they need. Partnering with an ecommerce accelerator like Pattern, has been the solution for many brands expanding their brand internationally. Pattern has the local resources, talent, and expertise to provide brands with everything they need to be successful. A good trade partner like Pattern is trustworthy, transparent, helps brands gain traction, and hires only the best talent.

Read on to learn more about how a trade partner can accelerate your brand on marketplaces throughout APAC like Tmall,, etc. without the need for investing in additional internal resources.

Questions to Ask About Your Current Trade Partner

Many brands don’t realise that the current distribution partner they have may not be offering them the best talent or resources they could have in the region. Here are some signs brands should be aware of that it might be time to find a new partner with more expertise and talent:

  • Does your trade partner make promises that aren’t maintained?
  • How consistent is your relationship with your brand manager? Do they switch often?
  • Do you receive responses to your questions within 24 hours?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it may be worth your time to search for a trade partner who will provide you with the consistent information, expertise and the resources needed to accelerate your brand in market.

Trade Partner With Right Expertise Will Do These Things For Your Brand

A trade partner with exceptional hired talent and expertise will accelerate your brand in many ways. Here are just a few of the things the right trade partner will provide your brand with:

  • Solution for Needing to Hire More Employees: For those executives who are faced with the dilemma of needing more employees, especially on their international marketplaces teams, but don’t have the resources to hire new people, partnering with a trade partner in region is the perfect solution. Not only do you receive more help, but you also receive regional expert help and a whole dedicated to growing your brand.
  • Consistency in Brand Managers: A valuable trade partner will hire and keep talent for long periods of time. Your relationship with your brand manager will be more consistent and helpful, as they become fully integrated with your brand story, differentiators and goals
  • Local Expertise: Learning the ins and outs of a new marketplace isn’t easy, especially internationally. Having local expertise is key to success in the APAC regions. Not only will you need help with translation, registration, packaging, but also understanding cultural nuances and differing customer demands.

Pattern Has the Local Expertise to Help Your Brand in APAC

Having a trade partner with good talent and expertise will help your brand excel in the APAC region long-term. As a global ecommerce accelerator and trade partner, Pattern often hears global executives’ frustrations with trade partners who aren’t helping their business grow internationally.

Pattern’s local teams within markets help brands to better understand the nuances of the regions they are selling in. We help you keep control of your brand, while placing dedicated expert teams at all points in the consumer, purchase, fulfillment journey, to ensure a positive customer experience. Through consistent help and partnership, we help your brand gain traction on APAC marketplaces and set your brand up for long-term success.

Need a distribution partner with the expertise in the APAC region? Contact us.

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