Supergoop! Key Takeaways: Accelerating Ecommerce Brands Through Digital Marketing

Rebecca Brown

June 6, 2023

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At Pattern’s Accelerate23 event, the global ecommerce acceleration summit, participants learned from each other and industry experts about how to establish and build their brand presence for long-term, sustainable success on digital marketplaces worldwide.

On the main stage, Amanda Baldwin, CEO at Supergoop, and Ann Chung, Global Head of Consumer for Blackstone Growth, discussed the growth of Supergoop! on digital marketplaces worldwide. As CEO at Supergoop!, Amanda Baldwin has helped the company seize growth opportunities through their omnichannel presence and ecommerce digital marketing strategy.

Here are three ways Supergoop! has successfully grown their brand over the years, as shared at Accelerate23.

Creating a Unique and Memorable Brand

Because Supergoop! had the building blocks of a great brand, they were able to scale their reach and achieve success across ecommerce channels. Here’s where Supergoop! Focused on creating a unique, memorable brand:

  • Aligning around a clear mission and purpose:: revolutionize the beauty industry by providing better ways to bring sunscreen to life with formulas that completely change the game.
  • Using deep product expertise, scientific research, and a true understanding of consumer needs to drive product development
  • Taking time to hone in on their brand aesthetic and brand name
  • Sharing brand identity with consumers through connection and telling Supergoop!’s story

Expanding to an Omnichannel Presence

Because Supergoop!, started in 2005, before many of our modern ecommerce marketplaces existed, they needed to keep pace with changing consumer buying habits and technology to stay relevant. By making this a focus of their retail strategy, they were able to combine their foundational success with new learnings to become successful on newer channels.

Growth on Amazon

Supergoop! expanded to Amazon as a defensive strategy to make sure counterfeit products weren’t being given to their consumers. Expanding to Amazon was also a chance to answer the “I need it now” request from consumers. Growing on Amazon helped Supergoop! reach a new set of consumers and accelerate the “luxury-brand” sunscreen category on Amazon.

Driving Conversions Through Digital Marketing

Amanda Baldwin discussed how the Supergoop! team has helped bring their messaging to life across various digital marketing platforms. The key lies in developing a rich brand story and sense of self. Supergoop!’s consistency across their many platforms helps meet the consumer where they are, ultimately driving more conversions.

Amanda mentioned that one of the main drivers of Supergoop!’s digital success is social media. The role of social media platforms and social media influencers is a big topic among growing brands and businesses. Amanda said that social media influencers are a “megaphone to the brand’s message.” Influencers who truly love a brand’s product and that can very easily meet the consumers where they are is an important part of Supergoop!’s digital marketing strategy. Brands have the potential to create viral, high-performing content when they are authentic to their brand, keep in touch with culture, and understand the purpose of each social media platform.

As TikTok marketing and selling joins the digital marketing discussion for most brands, Amanda Baldwin suggested that testing and learning, while still protecting your brand message, is the best way to find out how TikTok can work for you. Success through digital marketing comes from trusting in your team and letting them try and fail with new content.

Accelerate Your Brand With Pattern

The opportunity to connect with and learn from industry and global thought leaders and game changers like Amanda Baldwin, CEO of Supergoop!, was one of the highlights of Accelerate23.

Join us on May 10-11th at Accelerate24 to learn from the best and brightest minds in ecommerce and collaborate with other brand leaders in an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience.

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