Protocol For Life Sees 84% Increase in ROAS

Clarissa Peters

February 9, 2021

Tana Cofer

February 9, 2021

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Protocol For Life Sees 84% Increase in ROAS

Welcome to our blog series called, “Why Brands Work With Pattern.” Each week we discuss why the top brands in ecommerce turn to Pattern to drive global, profitable growth and control.

This week we are highlighting Protocol for Life Balance. Protocol for Life Balance, with Pattern’s team of ecommerce advertising experts, proved supplements can out-perform January (seasonally the best month).

See what we accomplished together below and download the case study PDF here.

Protocol B12

What problem was Protocol for Life Balance facing?

When COVID-19 hit in March of 2020, Protocol for Life Balance was quickly out of stock of many immune supplements due to the increased demand. Pattern and Protocol for Life Balance assumed we were losing potential traffic on the immune products. There was little reason to spend ad spend on products that would likely sell out anyways.

The new and improved strategy

Pattern’s advertising team decided to approach March and April differently. We looked at what we called the “unexpected performers”. These were products that were receiving more sales than the previous month by more than 25%, but weren’t what we considered immune or vitamin d (the products the COVID crisis is naturally bumping). We decided to spend money on these products instead in April.

Pattern and Protocol for Life Balance

To capitalize on these “unexpected performers,” Pattern and Protocol for Life Balance:

  1. Increased total budget
  2. Ran non-branded ads
  3. Capitalized on natural increases

**3 strategic pillars that helped Protocol for Life Balance grow **

1. Increasing total budget

In order to compete in the saturated supplements industry, especially during the pandemic, Pattern’s advertising experts and Protocol for Life Balance decided to increase the total advertising budget by 15%.

2. Running non-branded ads

On top of increasing the budget, Pattern experts decided to ensure that at least 80% of that spend was non branded. This allowed Protocol for Life Balance to get in front of customers who might not have known their brand and customers who typically bought supplements from other competitors.

3. Capitalizing on natural increases

Thanks to Pattern’s extensive data, the advertising team was able to constantly pull reports on the products that were organically increasing. Pattern’s advertising team was then able to use advertising dollars to capitalize on these natural increases instead of using advertising to push a product that is not yet read to rank high.


Protocol for Life Balance

After pivoting their advertising strategy when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Protocol for Life Balance’s new customers jumped from 37.25% total customers in the month of January to 44.45% of total customers in April. Conversions on Non-Branded Sponsored Products also increased by 211%. On top of that, Protocol for Life Balance experienced an increase of 84% of RoAS in just 3 months. Because Protocol for Life Balance and Pattern’s advertising team shifted their strategy, Protocol for Life Balance was able to prove that supplements can outperform the month of January.

One team—Protocol for Life Balance and Pattern

Working together in an aligned fashion with Protocol for Life Balance’s team helped us achieve these results together. Partner obsession is in our DNA—we win when our partners win.

Download Protocol for Life Balance’s one page case study here.

If you are facing similar ecommerce challenges, Pattern can help. Our global platform and services don’t cost you anything—that’s right, $0 out of your pocket.

Schedule a demonstration of the Pattern platform and services here to learn more.

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