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Products Consumers Want Most from Black Friday Shopping

Using 2021 Insights to Inform Your 2022 Black Friday Ecommerce Strategy

Black Friday is the biggest sales event of the year for many ecommerce retailers. The annual event requires a careful plan and strategy to keep the most relevant and in-demand products in front of consumers. In this analysis, we offer key insights across various product categories to help online store owners prepare. We’ll discuss:

  • Which products see the highest increased demand during Black Friday?
    • Home, garden, and tools
    • Clothing, shoes, jewelry, and watches
    • Movies, music, and games
    • Electronics
    • Computers
    • Sports and outdoors
  • Key Black Friday takeaways for ecommerce retailers to edge out competition

In the United States, the Friday following Thanksgiving (aka Black Friday) has long held the title as the “busiest shopping and traffic day of the year.” What began as a day of brick-and-mortar holiday sales in 1975 has slowly evolved to a weekend-long in-person and online mega sales event. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, consumers flock to ecommerce retailers in search of the best deal. But which products see the highest increase in demand during the sales event? We provide the answers in the analysis below to help online retailers get a leg up on their competition this sales season.

Products With the Highest Demand Increase During Black Friday

We observed how Black Friday influences consumer demand within each category to help ecommerce retailers plan their marketing campaigns more effectively:

Home, Garden & Tools: Dish Cloths, Coffee Makers, Home Décor & Woodworking Tools

Dish cloths and dish towels experience the highest increase in demand within the bed, bath, and kitchen category during Black Friday. In fact, demand for dish cloths and dish towels surges by 34% above the annual average in November 2021 ahead of Black Friday. Pots and pans, and bedding duvet covers and sets also saw increased demand ahead of Black Friday 2021 with 30% and 24% increases, respectively. 

Coffee makers and stick vacuums and electric brooms had the sharpest increase in demand during Black Friday. Each saw a 26% increase in demand over the annual average in November 2021.

Within the décor and furniture category, the biggest increase in demand occurs for home décor products and accents. Home décor accents experienced a 46% increase in demand during November 2021 while home décor products saw a 35% increase during the same period.

Woodworking tools had the strongest increase in demand for the home improvement category during November. In fact, demand rose to 35% above the annual average during November for woodworking tools. Likewise, hand tools saw a strong increase in demand ahead of Black Friday at 29%.

Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry & Watches: Hiking Clothes

Hiking experienced the highest increase in demand ahead of Black Friday 2021 at 108% above the annual average.

It’s important to note, however, that demand for all clothing types skyrockets during this time. Exercise apparel and cycling clothing were not far behind at 102% and 98% increased demand during the same period.

Movies, Music & Games: Sports Fan Video Games

Sports fan video games saw the highest increase in demand ahead of Black Friday within the gaming category. Demand for sports video games increased to 84% above the annual average in November 2021.

With more people searching for sports games during the sale, it’s important for video game retailers to plan ahead by stocking up on these types of games to satisfy Black Friday demand.


The electronics category revealed some surprising discrepancies between what consumers generally prefer and what happens to be most popular during Black Friday. For instance, digital cameras might be the most popular among U.S. consumers, but in terms of demand during Black Friday, they don’t make the top three. In fact, demand for point-and-shoot, film, and instant-film cameras is at the highest it is all year during the month of November.    


While U.S. shoppers might be searching for home cinema products the most, demand for these items actually falls 13% below the annual average ahead of Black Friday. Instead, QLED TVs, LED/LCD TVs, and OLED TVs lead the way in increased demand during November at 92%, 66%, and 54%, respectively. 

In terms of gaming consoles, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles see the highest increase in demand ahead of the annual sales event. Xbox Series X & S consoles saw a 71% increase in demand above the annual average in November 2021. During this same period, demand for Nintendo Switch consoles was up 67%.

When it comes to miscellaneous electronics, there is one clear winner for increased consumer demand during Black Friday. Kids electronics saw the biggest surge in demand during November at 77% above the annual average.


Consistent with general search trends, demand for laptops in general were at their highest during the month of November. Traditional laptops saw the highest increase, however, at 35% above the annual average.

When shopping for accessories during the Black Friday sales event, consumer search data shows an increase in demand for laptop screen protectors and PC virtual reality headsets. Laptop screen protectors saw a 118% increase in demand during November 2021 compared to the annual average. PC virtual reality headsets experienced a 67% increase in demand over the annual average during the same period.

Sports & Outdoors

Within the sports and outdoors category, our analysis showed a 33% increase in demand for exercise and fitness equipment during November 2021. Activity and fitness trackers saw similar increased demand during this period at 28% above the annual average. 

Key Takeaways for Ecommerce Retailers This Black Friday

As Black Friday approaches, ecommerce retailers need to prepare by coordinating their marketing, inventory, shipping, and customer service departments accordingly. Using the insights gained from this analysis, online shops will need to adjust their plans depending on their specific product offerings and industry:

  • Home Goods: Home décor and accents are in the highest demand in general among U.S. shoppers. Specifically, dish towels see the sharpest increase in demand ahead of Black Friday, so it’s a good idea to stock up on these items ahead of the annual sale. For home appliances, be sure to have plenty of coffee makers in stock as these are some of the most in-demand products during the month of November. Those seeking gifts for DIY hobbyists and handymen will also be searching for woodworking and hand tools during Black Friday. Take advantage of this increased demand by offering the types of products consumers will be searching for the most.
  • Clothing: Hiking clothes are some of the most popular clothing items among U.S. shoppers. Demand for all types of clothes surge during the Black Friday season, but this year’s focus should definitely be on outdoor activewear for ecommerce clothing retailers.
  • Video Games: When planning out video game inventory ahead of Black Friday, retailers will want to include plenty of sports games as these are in the highest demand during this time. Since PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch games are the most popular, it’s a good idea to stock up on sports games for these consoles first.
  • Electronics: With rising popularity around film-based cameras and increased demand for these types of cameras during Black Friday, electronics retailers may need to rethink their inventory and marketing strategies. Additionally, kids electronics are increasingly popular around the holiday season, so electronics retailers should have plenty of options for consumers within this category.
  • Computers: Laptops are by far the most popular type of computer to offer U.S. consumers. During Black Friday, there is increased demand for screen protectors and PC virtual reality headsets in particular. For this reason, these products should be a main focus for online computer shops.
  • Sports & Outdoors: Finally, exercise and fitness equipment is most popular among U.S. consumers. The month leading up to Black Friday is when demand for these products is at its highest. Shops should prepare by offering competitive sales and stocking up on both exercise equipment and activity monitors.

Want to take advantage of insights like these to inform your ecommerce strategy? Contact Pattern to request a demo and start preparing your online shop for Black Friday.