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10 Years and Counting: Pattern Owns 92% of the Buy Box

Pure Encapsulations has spent the last 30 years researching, innovating, and developing a comprehensive line of premium supplements made with high quality pure ingredients backed by verifiable science. Their products are designed to deliver predictable results for the patients and consumers who depend on them. Pure is committed to sourcing pure, premium ingredients and working with experienced healthcare professionals to create safe and effective dietary supplements to help consumers achieve optimal health.

Pure Loses Brand Control on Amazon

The brand was growing out of control, at increasingly discounted prices, and being distributed by grey market unauthorized resellers posing as health care providers–violating MAP policy, disrupting the ecommerce channel, and fueling conflict between professional and consumer channels. In an industry where consumer safety, transparency, and accuracy are paramount, Pure’s content, descriptions, and claims were inaccurate across ecommerce, especially Amazon.  

As a result, the grey market product listed with inaccurate information was damaging Pure’s brand integrity, eroding consumer trust, and destroying relationships with Pure’s most valued health practitioner customers.  Pure needed better insights and data into their ecommerce business, a strategy to help them gain brand control, and a holistic channel strategy to clean up, protect, and grow their brand online.

Pattern Provides Control

By partnering with Pattern, Pure gained access to technology that provides comprehensive ecommerce reporting and data-driven insights to establish an ecommerce marketplace strategy–starting with Amazon US.  Then, Pattern facilitated the creation of a brand protection framework with an eControl partner to manage authorized and unauthorized sellers, enforce against MAP violations, limit grey market sales, and minimize unauthorized distribution.

Pattern Partnership Accelerates Growth and Globalization

Not only was Pattern able to help Pure gain back control of their online channel, but also grew Pure’s revenue from Pattern’s sales on Amazon, and expanded the brand to Amazon Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. Today, Pure’s online channel complements their professional channel and business, and the brand continues to drive growth, influence and adoption by healthcare professionals globally.  

Key highlights:

  • Brand sales from Pattern have grown 800% since 2016
    • Sales are up 37% YoY and 79% compared to 2 years ago*
  • Pattern has maintained at least 92% of the Buy Box on Amazon for 10 years
    • 2023 year to date Buy Box ownership is 96% and Pattern has held at 96% for over 12 months
  • Pattern maintains a 4+ star review on Amazon globally

Together, Pattern and Pure grew the brand into the #1 professional VMHS brand on Amazon and #4 overall VMHS brand based on Amazon market share data. Enabling this was strong, accurate, and data-informed sales and operational planning reliant on consistency of Buy Box ownership and in-stock rates.

With minimal volatility due to channel controls in place, year on year consistency in strategy, and strong collaboration between both teams, sales and operational planning efforts result in demand plan accuracy and strong in stock rates on Amazon.  As Pure’s 3P Partner on Amazon globally, Pattern has helped the brand regain and maintain control, effectively growing its ecommerce marketplace revenue year-over-year–even during and after a global pandemic.

By commanding the Buy Box, Pattern has protected and strengthened brand reputation with consumers and healthcare professionals, limited grey market distribution, enabled the elimination of hundreds of unauthorized sellers, and optimized operating processes to strengthen business planning, forecasting and logistics. Ready to understand how to win the Buy Box on Amazon? Contact us.  

“Pattern’s strategy re-established control over the online channel to solidify a foundation for long-term sustainable growth in the US and globally.”

- Adam Branfman, Director of eCommerce Customer Development

   *reporting time period is Oct 2022-2023 and Oct 2021-2022