Strategizing for 2023: Insights from Pattern’s EAF at the Montage

Rachel Olsen

January 31, 2023


Top executives at Pattern’s Executive Acceleration Forum (EAF) gathered at the start of this year to talk with industry experts and collaborate on solving issues, talking about goals, and capitalizing on ecommerce opportunities. After two days of discussion, they walked away with actionable insights and strategies for their brand and teams in 2023.

Pattern is the world’s premier ecommerce accelerator, helping brands succeed in performing and growing on marketplaces. With expert teams and all global resources brands need, Pattern can help you fix what’s not working in your online strategy and drive profitability on marketplaces you’re operating on or looking to expand to.

Ecommerce Executives’ Top Concerns

During the EAF at the Montage in Deer Valley, Utah, brand leaders met to share the struggles they are facing in operating an effective online strategy. Common issues emerged among brands, focusing on growth and control on marketplaces like Amazon:


  • Keeping up with growth
  • Marketplace syndication
  • Understanding how to transition from 1P to 3P
  • Driving off-season sales
  • Warehousing products


Overall, leaders struggled to find the expertise and resources to handle these issues themselves, and solving these concerns was a big focus of their strategy moving forward.

Brand Goals for Ecommerce in 2023

Increasing general profitability, ecommerce knowledge, and global presence was a big focus for EAF participants. However, attendees also outlined where they want to go with their ecommerce strategy to achieve the following goals:

Achieve Growth in 2023 on Ecommerce Marketplaces

When discussing how to capitalize on ecommerce growth in 2023, Pattern’s experts demonstrated the importance of strengthening a business and controlling their brand before expanding into new marketplaces and regions. Without a solid foundation, growth is much more difficult.

Once brands have overcome their ecommerce control and resource struggles, the opportunities on ecommerce marketplaces are substantial. EAF attendees learned how to use influencer marketing to drive more demand for their products, the importance of content syndication in creating more efficient processes and information sharing, and about brand development with Pattern’s Chief Design Officer, Beau Oyler.

Grow Ecommerce Profitability with Pattern

Pattern knows these issues are not unique. We encounter many of these themes with brands we talk to every day. Most brands lack sufficient resources to succeed in ecommerce. They need help optimizing their traffic, conversions, and pricing for data-driven profitable growth. They’re looking to achieve international growth, and have to deal with marketplace control issues in order to do that.

When brands partner with Pattern, we solve those issues for them. We have the data, technology, experience, and experts brands need to overcome issues, achieve their goals, and capitalize on opportunities in ecommerce.

Talk with us today to learn more.

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