Luck of the Irish Beats Inflation

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Popular St. Patrick’s Day Staples Avoid Price Increases

St. Patrick’s Day is on track to be the holiday least impacted by inflation in 2023 so far. No two items illustrate this better than corned beef (down 4.29% in price since St. Patty’s Day 2022) and cabbage (up 3.83% in price in the same period). 

Why it matters: From Superbowl and Valentine’s Day celebrations to Mardi Gras, consumers have felt the sting of inflation hit their wallets come checkout time. The negligible impact of inflation on St. Patrick’s Day products may be the first sign that inflation truly is easing within certain product categories. 

What we’re seeing: Overall, the average price of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day items on Amazon U.S. Marketplace rose by 1.22% since Q1 2022. From Q1 2022 – Q1 2023, the following items saw the most significant price increases:

  • Gin +1.41%
  • Kiss Me I’m Irish Shirts +1.93%
  • Hard Seltzer +3.26%
  • Vodka +3.75%
  • Cabbage +3.83%
  • Wine +3.91%
  • Guinness Beer +5.70%
  • Potatoes +6.12%
  • Green Food Coloring +10.77%
  • Chocolate Coins +14.55%

Yes, but: Some of the most popular celebratory staples of St. Patrick’s Day experienced inflation reversal during the same period. These include:

  • Soda Bread -0.84%
  • Irish Whiskey -1.78%
  • Rum -2.67%
  • Brandy -3.73%
  • Whiskey -3.75%
  • Tequila -3.98%
  • Corned Beef -4.29%
  • Beer -9.19%
  • Green Shirts -14.87%

The takeaway: As consumers prepare to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, they needn’t brace themselves for the markup they’ve come to expect from recent inflation. Many of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day celebratory staples have seen almost no significant price shift year over year. 

Pattern’s data science team analyzed pricing data on Amazon during every day of 2022 and 2023 thus far to understand what consumers can expect to pay for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this year. If you’re interested in using insights like these to propel your ecommerce strategy forward, contact our team today.

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