February 23, 2021

KONG Saw a 224% Increase in Year-Over-Year Sales Growth with a Pattern Partnership

By Clarissa Peters / Brand Growth, Customer Success, Europe

Welcome to our blog series called, “Why Brands Work With Pattern.” Each week we discuss why the top brands in ecommerce turn to Pattern to drive global, profitable growth and control.

This week we are highlighting KONG. KONG, with Pattern's team of ecommerce experts, experienced year-over-year sales growth of 224%.

See what we accomplished together below and download the case study PDF here.

What problem was KONG facing?

KONG is a US company, headquartered in Colorado, that develops, designs, and produces dog and cat toys.

After selling on Amazon in Europe through a Vendor (1P) relationship, KONG was struggling to maintain brand equity on the marketplace. The company found that it had little control over the KONG brand that there was a need to create a standard “look and feel” globally, with a unified localized image for each market (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain).

Leveraging our team of local language experts and marketing experts Pattern Europe transitioned KONG to a Seller (3P) model to win back control and help to grow sales in the marketplace.

Pattern and KONG’s strategy

Pattern helped KONG transition away from a 1P relationship with Amazon and was set up as its 3P partner in the five European markets.

KONG strategies

A roadmap for growth was quickly developed, which included:

  • An Amazon audit, carried out by the in-house consulting team, which identified areas of improvements within the existing KONG offering on Amazon
  • Off the back of this audit, the team created an action plan that was designed to address these issues while accelerating sales
  • A unique “look and feel” was created for KONG using Amazon-specific SEO and creative content that was then translated and localized for all markets. The brand was closely involved during this content creation, ensuring that all information was on-brand and high-standard before being implemented by Pattern
  • Pattern also took on KONG’s Amazon advertising and optimized this activity using our proprietary advertising tool.

The results

KONG results

Following Pattern’s instatement as KONG’s official 3P partner on Amazon in Europe, the brand experienced significant growth on the marketplace, thanks to the formation of a consistent customer experience as a result of the curated brand content.

  • All markets experienced an average of 70% growth in the first six months
  • The brand experienced a year-on-year sales growth of +224%
  • As a result of its success in te European marketplaces, KONG is now working closely with Pattern teams in Asia and Australia in order to improve brand performance in these markets, while keeping a consistent “look and feel” globally

One team—KONG and Pattern

Working together in an aligned fashion with KONG’s team helped us achieve these results together. Partner obsession is in our DNA—we win when our partners win.

Download KONG’s one page case study here.

If you are facing similar ecommerce challenges, Pattern can help. Our global platform and services don’t cost you anything—that’s right, $0 out of your pocket.

Schedule a demonstration of the Pattern platform and services here to learn more.

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