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How Pattern Helped Sylvania's Amazon Sales Grow by Nearly 100% with A+ Content

As the leading automotive supplier and long-time brick-and-mortar brand of high performance lighting products, Sylvania was facing challenges to gain control over its ecommerce presence. Without brand control, Sylvania was going farther down the profitability death spiral, which is a race to zero profitability on all channels.  In order to stay ahead of the competition across all retail channels, it was essential for Sylvania to own its brand image across digital marketplaces.

As the top ecommerce accelerator, Pattern has the proprietary technology and wide-range of creative and brand services to launch brands and reset their path to profitability on global marketplaces.

Leveraging Pattern's proprietary technology and leveraging Pattern’s data-driven insights, competitive analytics, and creative expertise, Pattern helped Sylvania gain brand control, grow brand equity, and improve conversion on its marketplace product listings.

Pattern Provides Amazon A+ Content—Images, Copy, and Multimedia Creative

After establishing MAP policies to regain brand and seller control on Amazon, Pattern’s creative team reimagined the Sylvania product Amazon listing with A+ content including optimized, multimedia images, enhanced product copy and descriptions, and added Sylvania’s tutorial videos.

Below is a snapshot of the updated Sylvania Amazon listing, to check out an individual product page, click here.

Amazon aplus Sylvania Creative Content

By optimizing Sylvania’s Amazon listing with new and compelling, user-friendly content, it provided the best opportunity to answer common-concerns, demonstrate any confusing product features, and build a strong reputation for better brand-recognition and customer affinity.  In addition, Amazon A+ content is indexed by Google and may appear in Google Search Results, positively impacting Sylvania's organic SEO.

Sylvania Achieves Unparalleled Results

Not only did Pattern help Sylvania with their initial goals of achieving brand control and consistent brand imagery, the ecommerce accelerator helped the automotive supplier achieve:

Exponential Sales Growth:

  • 97% sales revenue growth YoY from November 2018 to November 2019
  • 151% unit sales growth YoY from November 2018 to November 2019

High Compliance Rate:

  • Sylvania’s compliance reached 90% in their first 6 months with Pattern
  • Monthly compliance on Amazon did not fall below 95% in 2019

Excellent Creative Conversion:

  • Optimized images increased conversion on individual products by as much as 12%

By leveraging proprietary technology that can identify unauthorized sellers, and using data-driven insights to improve product listings, Pattern is a partner for any brand struggling for control.

Contact us today to take control of your marketplace strategy.