April 20, 2022

Global Ecommerce Weekly News: 20th April 2022

By Kayla de Oliveira & Clea Boyd-Eedle / Ecommerce Trends, Global Ecommerce, Amazon, eBay

Get up to date with this week's ecommerce headlines from around the globe.

Amazon to charge merchants a 5% fuel and inflation fee

  • From the 28th of April, ecommerce giant Amazon will be charging a 5% fuel and inflation fee to US sellers that use its ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ service.

  • Businesses are attempting to find ways to mitigate the impact of rising fuel prices and inflation costs.

  • It is also thought that Amazon is struggling to meet current levels of demand and is facing a labour shortage.

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Amazon responsible for half of US total reported warehouse injuries

  • Despite committing to becoming ‘Earth’s Safest Place to Work’ and investing $300 million USD into worker safety, Amazon’s serious injury rates rose 15% last year.

  • Amazon has increasingly implemented robots and AI to meet rising productivity expectations, which has been thought to be the cause of higher levels of risk to staff in warehouses.

  • Amazon has released a statement stating that these rising injury levels were in line with industry trends, and largely attributed to hiring and training new workers.

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Ebay launches “Business Roadshow” with $1m USD investment programme

  • In light of rising living costs, eBay is launching their first ever physical roadshow, which will support small online businesses with starting or scaling up.

  • The company has partnered with Small Businesses Britain and British Chambers of Commerce to execute the one year support programme, offering networking, skills and training on selling strategies.

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Flipkart’s fashion platform, Myntra, receives an injection of $116M USD

  • Flipkart has invested a further $116 million USD into its fashion platform, Myntra, following increasing pressure from competitors Ajio and Nyakka.

  • The investment will be used to further Myntra’s beauty and personal care offerings and help the platform expand its efforts.

  • Myntra will also be utilising live and social commerce to attract more Gen Z shoppers to the platform.

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Tata has launched an ecommerce app offering a multitude of products and services

  • Tata Group, India’s largest conglomerate, has launched an ecommerce ‘Super-app’, attempting to enter the ecommerce market, currently dominated by Flipkart and Amazon.

  • Tata launched ecommerce site CliQ in 2016 but were not a strong enough player in the industry at the time.

  • The company has partnered with a variety of brands to offer everything from apparel, to air tickets, electronics, hotel bookings, and an online pharmacy on the app.

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Fashion ecommerce firm Zilingo suspends CEO following financial probe

  • Singapore-based B2B fashion ecommerce player Zilingo has suspended its CEO and Founder, Ankiti Bose, following concerns over the company’s accounting practices.

  • Zilingo has been preparing a capital-raising plan, aiming to increase the company’s value to more than $1 billion USD if successful, that has drawn scrutiny to the lack of financial statements filed by the firm.

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Australian online spending has nearly doubled since pre-covid era

  • A recent report has found that online purchases in Australia have almost doubled compared to pre-pandemic levels, with $62.3 billion AUD being spent on goods online last year.

  • 80% of Australian households shopped online in 2021, covering a broad range of product categories, with the top categories including athleisure, baby products, pet products and footwear.

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