April 12, 2022

Global Ecommerce Weekly News: 12th April 2022

By Kayla de Oliveira & Clea Boyd-Eedle / Ecommerce Trends, Global Ecommerce, Amazon

Get up to date with this week's ecommerce headlines from around the globe.

Amazon announces a stop to single-use plastic delivery bags in the UK

  • Amazon has reduced the weight of packing per shipment by 36% and has officially made the switch to recyclable paper and cardboard.

  • In an effort to become net-zero carbon by 2040, Amazon is investing more into the sustainability of its supply network, such as matching packaging to product size.

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Record number of product returns leads to major costs for Amazon

  • Marketplace giant, Amazon, has seen 20% of all merchandise being returned, translating into $761 billion USD worth of products.

  • In the US alone, returns are producing around 16 million tonnes of CO2 emissions and 5.8 billion pounds of landfill waste yearly.

  • These high return values are causing huge costs and related issues for both the company and the planet.

  • Amazon states they are still “working towards a goal of zero product disposal”.

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Google launches Retail Search, helping ecommerce sites to gain visibility

  • Google has recently launched a new feature on their search engine, where users are able to find more relevant results on ecommerce retailer sites.

  • The feature creates a shopper focused search experience, and also lets ecommerce sellers edit what shoppers see when they use Retail Search, such as customised product displays and tags.

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Flipkart set to list in 2023, with an increased IPO valuation of $60-70 billion USD

  • Flipkart, Walmart’s Indian ecommerce platform, has internally raised its IPO valuation target from $50 to $60-70 billion USD and has postponed its listing from this year to 2023.

  • The delayed listing is attributed to Flipkart's recent acquisition of Cleartrip and a new app launch, ‘Health+’, offering healthcare products and services. The company believes there is potential to further raise its valuation from these two revenue streams.

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Fetch Rewards valued at over $2.5 billion USD after a recent funding round

  • SoftBank-backed shopping rewards app, Fetch Rewards, has raised $240 million USD in a funding round after reaching a total of 13 million active users.

  • Fetch Rewards partners with brands and stores to offer users free rewards when they submit receipts of purchases.

  • The app has doubled its number of active users since last year, mainly due to growth in ecommerce markets and consumers having tighter budgets due to rising inflation.

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Gopuff cutting drivers’ shifts, raising customer fees and decreasing delivery hours

  • Leaked documents revealed that grocery delivery giant, Gopuff, has increased its delivery fees, minimum order spend and cut 3% of its staff globally.

  • Based in a saturated market, and like its competitors, the company has struggled to maintain profits but states they are committed to innovation and customer experience.

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Klarna and About You announce a deal allowing more EU consumers to ‘pay later’

  • Payment services provider, Klarna, has entered a partnership with About You, an EU ecommerce site where customers can enjoy personalised shopping experiences.

  • The deal now allows About You customers in Germany and Switzerland to make use of Klarna’s ‘Pay Later in 30’ service, where you pay for your items up to 30 days after purchase.

  • In an effort to create a seamless shopper experience, the 30 days allows a customer enough time to receive the item, try it on, and decide whether or not they keep it.

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Online car retailer Cazoo expands into EU markets and sees strong financial results

  • Leading online car retailer in the EU, Cazoo, experienced a record year with 312% YoY growth and nearly 50,000 vehicles sold.

  • In 2021, the company successfully launched in France and Germany, and is preparing to expand into Spain and Italy this year.

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