St. Patrick’s Day Product Pricing: Takeaways for Ecommerce Pricing Strategy

Rachel Olsen

March 16, 2023

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St. Patricks Day hat

Pattern’s data science team analyzes extensive product pricing data on Amazon to discover trends and insights about product pricing for different categories. When looking at products popular with St. Patrick’s Day this year, Pattern’s teams discovered that the inflation we’ve seen for other categories doesn’t seem to apply to most products related to St. Patrick’s Day.

As brands gather data to determine their strategic direction for their products, it’s helpful to understand pricing trends in their category, shifts in competitors’ pricing, and overall ecommerce pricing trends. Pattern’s data, technology, and experts can help you get the information you need.

St. Patrick’s Day Products Unaffected by Inflation

As with Valentine’s Day product pricing, St. Patrick’s Day products showed a slowing rate of inflation. But this holiday’s products seemed even more immune to price increases we’ve seen for other holiday products this year.

Overall, the average price of the most popular St. Patrick’s Day items on the Amazon U.S. Marketplace rose by 1.22% since Q1 2022. From Q1 2022 – Q1 2023, the following items saw the most significant price increases: 



Better Information Leads to Better Strategic Decisions

When making big decisions like pricing changes, it’s important to consider internal data like historic product performance data and revenue goals. But gaining external visibility is crucial, too. As you learn more about ecommerce shifts, and data about competing products, you’ll be in a better position to make those decisions.

Get Data Driven Ecommerce Insights

As an ecommerce accelerator, Pattern partners with brands to help them succeed on ecommerce marketplaces. What sets us apart is our data-obsessed approach to ecommerce performance. As you move forward with big decisions for your ecommerce strategy, Pattern can help you get the insights you need to feel confident in your choices.

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