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Rebekah Koster

July 14, 2022

ecommerce innovators podcast megafood

Episode: 4
Guest: Nancy Eichler, VP Ecommerce at MegaFood

Join us for Ecommerce Innovators, a podcast that brings together the brightest minds in the industry to explore innovative strategies and trends in global ecommerce. We’ll analyze what top brands are doing to accelerate their online success and you’ll hear from top executives who are changing the game for their organizations. Our host is John LeBaron, Chief Revenue Officer at Pattern—the premier partner for global ecommerce acceleration.


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In this conversation, Nancy Eichler, VP of Ecommerce and International at MegaFood, a vitamins and supplements brand made with nutrients plus real food, talks about pivoting to an ecommerce strategy during the pandemic. You’ll hear about how MegaFood stays on top of the ever-changing ecommerce landscape and maintains an edge with strong data.  Nancy also shares about how MegaFood educates its customers and what it means to go global in today’s landscape.

Ecommerce Innovators Episode Synopsis

01:18 About MegaFood
02:58 Transitioning to ecommerce
04:54 MegaFood’s key differentiators
07:59 Brand authenticity and consumer education
12:15 The international side of MegaFood
14:45 Nancy’s background
21:18 The role of data at MegaFood
25:30 Nancy’s experience with different models
31:13 Maintaining a competitive edge
38:08 Nancy’s advice

Here are some things we learned from Nancy Eichler:

You can still educate the consumer online. The shift from brick and mortar to online sales changed the way education plays a role in the purchasing process. Within the brick and mortar space, MegaFood is able to educate retailers and in-aisle experts about their specific product details. In turn, the retailers educate the consumers, and the consumers are able to choose the best product for them. However, the flow of information changes when online shopping. Nancy shared that education is still an important aspect, but needs to be thought about differently. Some ways that MegaFood involves education online is through live chat features with a doctor, blogs by doctors on MegaFood’s website, and even a feature to schedule time to talk to a doctor about the different products.

Reliable data is critical. Nancy spoke about how most companies are swimming in data, but are often still paralyzed by decisions on how to use the data. We love what Nancy said, “Data has to drive insights. Insights have to drive actions. Actions have to drive results.” If you live and breathe this process, then you will be able to create actionable insights and take important steps to help your company.

Companies stay competitive and grow through testing and learning. Be willing to try things and experiment, because almost everything in business is about learning and changing. It sounds simple, but companies are often afraid to be open to change. Instead of saying no to an idea, try saying, “How?” Even if you think the results of what will happen are obvious, you do not know the actual results until you test an idea.


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