The Role of Ecommerce Accelerators in Global Ecommerce Expansion

Rebecca Brown

July 4, 2023

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Global ecommerce expansion in singapore

Growing a brand in today’s vital ecommerce industry requires effort and expertise. John LeBaron, Chief Revenue Officer at Pattern, discussed the state of ecommerce in Asia on Singapore’s MoneyFM 89.3 radio channel, and spoke about how ecommerce accelerators, such as Pattern, help brands optimize sales on marketplaces like Tmall, Amazon, Lazada, and Google.

Listen to John LeBaron’s interview here or read below for highlights from the interview.

State of Ecommerce in Asia

Ecommerce is currently a $6 billion industry, and as online shopping increases, this industry will only continue to grow, with the Asia-Pacific region leading the rest of the world in ecommerce.

The GMV for the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region came in at a little over $3 trillion at the end of 2022.

APAC has massive opportunities for brands expanding into marketplaces such as Tmall,, Shopee, Coupang, and Lazada.


What is an Ecommerce Accelerator?

“When you think of a marketplace accelerator, think of someone that you choose to accelerate your brand on marketplaces all across the world.”

Pattern, as an ecommerce accelerator, helps accelerate brands on all major marketplaces. As a partner, Pattern buys your inventory and sells your products on major marketplaces by helping optimize your listings, increasing traffic and conversions, and protecting your brand throughout the process.

“As an accelerator model we partner with [brands] and sell goods all around the world. It’s a super exciting time, it’s a very dynamic space, and we’re here to continue expanding and adding value to the brands that we represent.”

Pattern’s local teams in the Asia-Pacific marketplaces help brands to better understand the nuances of the regions they are selling in. We help you keep control of your brand while placing dedicated expert teams at all points in the consumer, purchase, and fulfillment journey to ensure a positive customer experience.

Even if a brand is successful on North America marketplaces, they may not have the resources necessary to be successful on marketplaces in Asia. That’s where Pattern steps in, as a resource for brands to lean on in the midst of brand expansion.

“There is a war on data and talent in these super complex markets and what we increasingly find is that brands are overwhelmed, and they’re managing multiple agencies and multiple data platforms, and so to be able to consolidate and get one source of truth and one accelerator to take on their global business sounds like a pretty good deal for them.”

How Pattern Helps Accelerate Brands in Asia

“We’re not just a distributor, trading partner, or agency…We are buying your goods like a distributor or retailer would but we are accelerating you via proprietary technology, industry leading expertise, and a whole lot more.”

Pattern helps brands accelerate their business on Asia-Pacific marketplaces by helping in the following areas:

  • Filling “Acceleration Gaps”: Brands are overwhelmed with the combination of managing multiple platforms in multiple countries. With a lack of resources and time, even the best of teams have difficulties keeping up. Pattern helps brands fill in the ecommerce acceleration gaps by providing help in multiple areas including logistics, SEO, brand protection, and more. Pattern’s proprietary distribution channels combined with resources and data available for brands are key to understanding how your product will succeed in the region.
  • Stay Up-to-Date with Ecommerce Trends: Pattern stays up-to-date with ecommerce trends, ensuring the brands they partner with are aware of the upcoming opportunities in ecommerce for their product. The ecommerce industry throughout Asia is a harbinger of opportunities to come throughout the rest of the world. For example, customers on marketplaces in Asia look for a meaningful and deeper connection with brands, including the need for more interaction with the brand and product through various forms of communication such as off-platform marketing from ambassadors, or getting questions answered in a timely manner from the brand itself.

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If you’re looking for a partner to help accelerate your brand on marketplaces throughout the Asia-Pacific region, contact us.

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