July 16, 2018

Can Amazon Push Augmented Reality Mainstream?

By Kevin Lamb & Garrett Bluhm / Amazon

Amazon has been promoting their Augmented Reality (AR), Image Based Search, and Product Scanner more intensely over the last month leading up today's Prime Day launch.


    - 50% of consumers report that they would be more likely to shop with a brand that offers an augmented product experience - 56% of 18-24 year-old consumers are more likely to shop with a brand that offers a mix of augmented reality product experiences - 69% of consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand based on the technology they offer

    Source: Digital Bridge

    Amazon AR Preview

    Amazon AR Preview


    The single greatest challenge of implementing any new technology is getting people to use it. Amazon has been pushing more and more videos explaining the benefits of seeing the dimensions of products and seeing products in your house before purchasing them.

    .Here is a video by Amazon showcasing the power of their new technology and how it can be used.


    .IKEA launched the "world's first" AR Shopping App on September 19th, 2017, which they tout to have "98 percent accuracy" enabling users to view furniture in its exact scale.  

    .Walmart announced last month that they are launching 3D virtual shopping, where users can buy matching furniture for an entire room if they like how everything looks together in the virtual representation.

    .Sephora Virtual Artist allows you to try a vast array of cosmetics via AR on your own face and provides tutorials on how to use their products.


    A9 (Amazon's subsidiary that develops its search engine,) has been granted 19 patents this year related to image-based searching and improving functions such as processing text from images.

    Patents for AR started being filed as early as 2014. Today, Amazon boasts a large selection of products you can view on your kitchen table or living room floor from categories like furniture, kitchen appliances, portable speakers, children’s toys and plush dolls.

    In the same Digital Bridge study, more than half of consumers think retailers are failing to take full advantage of the technology now available to them. 42% of customers said they think using AR during the decision-making process would make it easier for them to decide and shorten the time between browsing and final purchase.

    In the never ending effort of trying to drive more conversion, Amazon will continue to implement additional technologies related to video and images on their site and apps.

    Amazon AR PreviewAmazon AR Preview


    To win on Amazon, you have to be six months ahead of the market. Watch for trends, shifts in the market and start preparing to have the demand of content put upon your team or find a partner who is agile and doing these things. 

    iServe has an internal creative team staffed with graphic designers, photographers, 360 imaging machines, 3D rendering software and more to generate unique conversion optimized content.


    To try Amazon's AR experience yourself - Follow the below steps:

  • - Using an Android or iOS device open the Amazon App
  • - Tap on the camera icon in the search bar
  • - Tap "AR view" and select a product.
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