3 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) on Tmall

Rebecca Brown

May 4, 2023

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The DSR (Detailed Seller Rating) score can be found on your brand’s Tmall Global Flagship store and acts as a benchmark in line with the marketplace’s best-practice recommendations. The DSR score is made up of three key elements of the shopping experience: the quality of your product content, logistics proposition and customer service levels. It is displayed publicly to shoppers to help them decide who to buy from.

Why Your Brand’s DSR Score Matters

The sheer volume of brands available on the marketplace means that having a high DSR score is crucial if you want to generate confidence in your store and acquire new customers.

In addition, in recent years, Tmall Global has become much more selective about the brands it works with, including whether it will renew an existing contract with a brand. Tmall will warn brands if it is not happy with their sales or DSR score; and if the poor DSR score is not quickly rectified Tmall stores can be closed.

3 Strategies to Improve Brand’s DSR Score

A brand’s DSR score is based on three key elements of the shopping experience: the quality of your product content, logistics proposition and customer service levels. Strong competition on the marketplace means a score greater than 4.9 out of 5 is necessary to show strong performance. To improve your brand’s DSR score, here’s three strategies to focus on:

1. Improve Accuracy Of Product Descriptions

The first element of your DSR score rates the accuracy of product descriptions across your various listings. Having useful and educational product descriptions helps customers to make informed purchase decisions when shopping on the marketplace. Improving the accuracy and quality of your product descriptions will contribute to a higher DSR score in the end.

DSR score rating improve product descriptions

2. Focus On Quality Of Customer Service

The quality of your customer service is the second element of your DSR score. Customer service agents should reply appropriately and promptly to customer questions in order to score highly and instill confidence in shoppers. Improve the quality of your customer service by ensuring you hire the best talent, using the most effective software, and strive to put your customers first. According to Pattern’s data, most customers expect to receive an answer from customer service on Tmall within 8 seconds. Delayed responses can quickly result in lost sales. Providing efficient and prompt answers is key to ultimately improving your DSR score.

DSR score customer rating score

3. Optimize Delivery Proposition

The third element of your DSR score is your brand’s delivery proposition. Chinese shoppers on the marketplace expect both speedy and reliable shipping from brands. Remember that your delivery proposition is not solely based on speed. Most consumers are not only concerned about the speed of delivery, but also about the reliability of their delivery arriving on time.

DSR score delivery proposition

Improve Your DSR on Tmall With Pattern

Tmall is a fast-paced marketplace full of a huge amount of international brands that can be hard to keep up with at times. Having a high DSR score is crucial for success on Tmall, generating confidence in your store and product, and acquiring new customers.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your business on Tmall, Pattern can help. Pattern offers their partner brands regional experts with experience and specialties throughout the Asia-Pacific region and marketplaces. Pattern completely manages your Tmall shop for you, including logistics, customer experience, product content optimization, and everything else your brand needs to be successful on Tmall.

Looking to improve your presence on Tmall? Contact us.

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