Protect Your Brick and Mortar Channels with a 3P Partner

Rebecca Brown

December 22, 2022

Protect Your Brick and Mortar Channels with a 3P Partner

In the U.S., ecommerce is growing fast—six times faster than retail. Selling your product through ecommerce marketplaces is a key way for brands to diversify their distribution channels and capitalize on new revenue. But for brands who may or may not already be selling on marketplaces, the struggle is the same: how do they achieve success on ecommerce marketplaces while protecting their established brick and mortar channels?

At Pattern, an ecommerce accelerator, we call this question the “executive dilemma”. Brands want to expand their distribution, yet can’t continue to protect their brick and mortar (or other distribution channels) if they do so. Partnering with a 3P seller on Amazon will help brands protect other distribution channels.

In Pattern’s experience, we hear the “executive dilemma” all from the over 100 brand executives we work with. Protecting your brick and mortar channel while also expanding your distribution is a challenge many executives face. The good news is that there’s an easy solution to the dilemma: a 3P partner.

How a 3P Partner Helps

A 3P partner on Amazon and other marketplaces will help brands fill a critical gap for companies who do not have the resources or expertise to manage them. The gap between feeling overwhelmed and being successful can be easily filled by having a 3P partner, like Pattern.

First and foremost, a 3P partner helps give a brand control. Control on marketplaces allows them to create and implement pricing strategies as well as maintain brand equity so their brick and mortar relationships and sales do not suffer.

Having a 3P partner helps provide brands with the correct resources and knowledge needed to give the same attention to each of their distribution channels, not leaving any one of them to suffer. Some of the resources that a 3P partner, such as Pattern, has to help give brands control would be:

  • A good relationship with Amazon, as well as other marketplaces.
  • Experts in regions throughout the world to help with the process of going global.
  • Proprietary data to assist in marketing, logistics, and more.
  • Legal help with unauthorized sellers.
  • A well-versed operations channel for getting your products to the right places.

Protect Your Brick and Mortar Channels With Pattern

As a 3P partner on Amazon, Pattern has helped many brands protect their distribution channels. Many brands lack the expertise, teams, and resources needed, so Pattern provides brands with the correct resources and knowledge to ensure all their distribution channels are taken care of.

In our experience working with brands, protecting all distribution channels is a time-consuming and challenging process. As a 3P partner, Pattern’s goal is to work side-by-side with the brand and simply supplement the effective processes they already have in place and assist in making sure all their channels are creating revenue and gaining momentum.

Looking for a 3P partner? Contact us.

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