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September 1, 2023

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Large Appliances

To understand and find pricing patterns in 2022, we analyzed the price of the most popular products in every category on Amazon during every day of the 2022 calendar year, including the large appliances category. The result is a comprehensive look at how the prices of large appliances products vary over the course of a typical year following the pandemic.

Key Takeaways

  • Out of all categories on Amazon, large appliances are by far the highest priced.
  • Large appliances have a price spread of 22% over the course of the year.
  • It’s best to purchase these products is during Q4, when prices decrease by over 8%.

How does the price of large appliances on Amazon vary throughout the year?

  • Price spread: ↕ 22%
  • Most affordable day: Dec. 18
  • Least affordable day: Apr. 19
  • Most affordable quarter: Q4
  • Least affordable quarter: Q2

Which months are best for buying large appliances on Amazon?

Summer may be a great time for BBQ and cookouts, but it’s also the most expensive time to purchase the large appliances for these events. We found that prices are higher April through September, reaching their peak in June.

What are the top 5 days for buying large appliances on Amazon?

The top 5 most affordable days for large appliances fell within the last few weeks of the year, one of them being Christmas.

  • No. 1: Dec. 18
  • No. 2: Dec. 17
  • No. 3: Dec. 15
  • No. 4: Dec. 19
  • No. 5: Dec. 25

What bottom 5 days for buying large appliances on Amazon?

4 of the 5 most expensive days to purchase large appliances on Amazon fall during Q2.

  • No. 1: Apr. 19
  • No. 2: Jul. 11
  • No. 3: Jun. 7
  • No. 4: Jun. 20
  • No. 5: Jun. 30

How does the price of large appliances change during holidays?

Retailers in this category tend to lower prices around winter holidays and events, giving consumers more savings for those big turkey feasts near the end of the year.


Pattern analyzed the prices of more than 714,000 of the most popular products in every category in the U.S. Amazon marketplace for all 365 days of the 2022 calendar year. Products only qualified for the index if they were one of the three most popular products in their category during the year. Percent change in product price represents the variability of the price of each product each day of the year against its average price for that same year.

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