Articles by: Tana Cofer

predict features
Does Your Advertising Account For Inventory Levels?
find and target competitors
Find and Target Competitors Through Amazon Advertising
leverage sponsored display ads to increase sales
How to Leverage Sponsored Display Ads to Increase Sales
increasing amazon sales
6 Free Ways to Increase Your Amazon Sales
walmart case study
Case Study: Advertising on Walmart Increased Sales by 67%
measure success on advertising
5 Great Ways to Measure Success on Walmart Advertising
metrics to consider when advertising in a new market
4 Metrics to Consider When Advertising in a New Market
What Is Amazon DSP and How Does it Work
What Is Amazon DSP and How Does it Work?
amazon fashion on a computer
Create a Winning Amazon Advertising Strategy with Product Suggestions
amazon logo on phone
Amazon's Ad Sales & Ad Spend Are Growing. Why it Matters
What Is Clean Room Advertising What Does it Mean for Amazon
What Is Clean Room Advertising? What Does it Mean for Amazon?
sponsored products on Amazon
3 Methods for Determining Sponsored Product Default Bids on Amazon

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