Predict Ecommerce Software

All the Ecommerce Data You Need to Succeed

Our proprietary Predict multichannel ecommerce software gives you an in-depth look into the health of your ecommerce business, keeping you in the know of what's going on with compliance, advertising, ratings and reviews, and more—all on one platform.

Our Data-Driven Ecommerce Solution

Get the data you need to think big.

Track ad spend. Monitor unauthorised sellers. See all your customer ratings in one place. Predict pulls real-time data from over 4,000 ecommerce sites each day to give you all the insights you need to win on Amazon and other marketplaces. We built Predict in the belief that better data informs better decisions.

Predict: An All-in-One Ecommerce Tracking Tool

Pricing & Compliance Monitoring

Predict's brand control feature tracks all the data you need about Buy Box ownership, price suppression, unauthorised sellers and more.

  • Learn who is violating distribution agreements on what marketplace.
  • See who you’re losing the Buy Box to and how much it’s costing you.
  • Analyse how competitive each of your products are on the marketplace.
  • See which products are suppressed and how much you're losing.

Algorithmic Advertising

Predict's rules-based ecommerce advertising software shows our partners exactly where their ad spend budget is going, including ad spend percentage, ACoS, keyword bids, and cost per sale.

  • Track retail sales attributed to advertising and its percentage of total retail sales.
  • See the number of impressions your ads are getting over a specific period of time.
  • Examine how much you’re spending on advertising and view ACoS percentages.
  • Track products with attributed sales to advertising, how much they cost, and keyword bids.

Ratings & Reviews Tracking

Predict's Ratings and Reviews tracker keeps all the ratings and reviews data about your products in one easy location, linking to action items and individual product reviews.

  • See your average customer ratings overall.
  • Examine which products are rated highest and lowest.
  • Compare our customer service team's average response times.
  • See your most recent product reviews and responses.