Brand Protection for Ecommerce

Protect your reputation. Convert loyal customers. Build a brand that lasts. Start protecting your brand from unauthorised sellers who don’t invest in your brand presence or display inaccurate product information. Pattern's compliance experts will empower you to protect your brand on marketplaces.

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Key Outcomes

Protect Your Brand

Our technology monitors where your product is being sold and by whom, so you’re always in the know. Our compliance team provides your legal experts with the insight they need to take back in control.

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Protect Your Margins

When you commit to making us your authorised marketplace seller partner, we focus on selling your products at full price, with promotions agreed in advance and clear objectives. Our partners stay working with us because we enable their profitable growth.

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Increase Sales Velocity

Improving consumers’ confidence that your products are legitimate, they are buying from an authorised seller and that prices aren’t going to constantly fluctuate increases the chances that they convert.

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Boost Brand Equity

Unauthorised sellers don’t care about your brand. By implementing a selective distribution strategy, you can boost your brand equity across marketplaces and other online and offline sales channels, providing consumers with a unified brand experience and focusing on sales partners who invest to grow your sales.

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90% Compliance in First 6 Months

“Pattern takes a maniacal approach to perfection. They do not sleep, they do not rest until we own a space.”

98% Compliance Overall

“MAP compliance is consistently 100% online, resulting in improved wholesale and retail margins. Growth in our healthcare professional channel is no longer threatened by the online channel.”

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Our Solutions

Explore Our Ecommerce Acceleration Solutions

Insights & Reporting

Make Better Decisions

Analyse the past and let AI inform your future with our omnichannel ecommerce solutions.

Advertising & SEO

Increase Traffic

Boost organic rank with automated advertising, AI-recommended keywords, and reporting.

Creative Strategy

Boost Conversion

Showcase your amazing brand while optimising for conversion with top-notch creative.

Logistics & Fulfillment

Sell Globally

Stay in stock and sell everywhere with our global distribution capabilities.

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Start accelerating your ecommerce business today.

Brands experience measurable and repeatable growth when they apply Pattern’s acceleration technology and services to their ecommerce business.

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Explore Our Ecommerce Research Library

Find relevant content to accelerate your ecommerce business. Stay on top of industry trends and best practices.

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Let’s accelerate together! Our acceleration experts will walk you through how our ecommerce acceleration technology and services help you grow faster, protect your brand, and sell globally.