Brand Control for Ecommerce

Take Back Control from Unauthorised & Fake Product Sellers

We've been there. We know how difficult it is to protect your brand from unauthorised sellers who display inaccurate product information or degrade your brand with fake products. Pattern's brand control experts will empower you to build up your online brand equity.

We Help Brands Take Back Control on Marketplaces

Seller Compliance Monitoring Software

Our software Predict monitors 400K+ products every day across 525 of the most popular ecommerce sites to identify potential fakes, Buy Box ownership, and product competition. Pattern partners use Predict's data to get back in control of their brand online.

Consistent Product Content Across Marketplaces

Premium brands deserve premium content. Our digital marketers are experts at creating content that looks, feels, and sounds like your brand. Our Brand Managers are experts at maintaining a consistent content experience across all ASINs and products.

Control Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit goods affect all brands selling online. Whether you're selling on a marketplace or not, sellers could be shrinking your margins without you even knowing. Pattern's Predict software will help you take actions to get back in control.