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How to Win on Amazon

How to Win on Amazon

Should I Sell 1P or 3P on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon isn't optional in the retail world today. But navigating Amazon can be tricky. Is a 1P relationship or a 3P relationship better in the long run? Let's break down some of the differences and pros/cons of each.

1P vs. 3P

1P vs. 3P

The Differences Between Vendor Central and Seller Central

  • Amazon 1P Vendor / Amazon 3P Vendor
  • Invitation only / Open to anyone
  • Sell inventory directly to Amazon / Sell directly to Amazon customers
  • Amazon controls retail pricing / Seller controls retail pricing
  • Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads / Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products
  • Sold by Amazon / Fulfilled by Amazon
Why Vendor Central

Why Vendor Central?


  • Sold by Amazon
  • Access to Product Display Ads
  • ARAP Data Insights


  • Dependent on Amazon Buying Inventory
  • No Pricing Control
  • Squeezed Margins
  • Logistic Complications and Chargebacks
Why Seller Central

Why Seller Central?


  • Increased Brand Control
  • Amazon's Brand Registry program
  • Free Analytics


  • Higher Fulfillment Costs
  • Logistics Complications for FBA
  • Tax Nexus Creation